The Phenomenon and the Gift
The Phenomenon and the Gift

The Phenomenon and the Gift

Welcome to The Phenomenon and The Gift!

The Phenomenon and The Gift is a pioneering course designed to calm the mind, increase performance and enrich relationships.

Can you imagine
• Accessing a still point within regardless of the chaos around you?
• Enjoying healthy, happy relationships with all the people in your life?
• Living with renewed energy, health and focus?
• Achieving what you want with a deep sense of gratification?

It takes just two days to begin living this way!

During this course you will receive:
• Contemplative practices that retrain the brain for maximum performance
• Reliable techniques for optimizing relationships
• A unique meditation that accesses the Higher Self for upgrading consciousness
• A precise formula to help actualize the life you want

This interactive weekend course is taught via live stream by the primary instructors at Oneness University in India. The Phenomenon and The Gift has taken place on nearly every continent, reaching many thousands of people. It’s about inner peace, and so much more! Course participants from around the world report spontaneous healing of relationships, remarkable growth in their business and careers, and significantly greater focus, energy and happiness.

What Gifts Will You Ask For?

In Addition
You will have the rare opportunity to meditate with the founder of Oneness University who brings these revolutionary courses to the world. Sri Bhagavan has helped tens of thousands of people from all walks of life connect to their Higher Self.


Who would benefit from attending this course?

This extraordinary course is based on universal principals and the science and technology of consciousness and welcomes people of all beliefs, paths and faiths.

What is Oneness University?

Oneness University is an international school in southern India dedicated to human transformation. This transformation results in greater self-awareness, enhanced relationships, a cohesive society and ultimately, a state of Oneness for humanity.

Is this course approved for Continuing Education hours?

Currently, 16 CE hours are available to licensed alcohol and drug counselors by the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, a member of the IC & RC. And, 10 ½ CE hours are available to licensed social workers by the National Association for Social Workers.

For complete course, description go to:

Is there a payment plan?

During online registration, if payment plan options are available, you will find them listed on the payment page.

What happens after the course? Is there follow up?

You are not alone on this journey. Course participants will be invited to ongoing online classes taught by Oneness University instructors. In addition, there is a network of resources to support your continued journey in a way that works for you. The Phenomenon and The Gift Course connects you to a worldwide community of like-minded people.

Who are the instructors?

G. V. Narasimha Kumar (Kumarji) is Director of Curriculum at Oneness University. He has instructed well over 50,000 mid-career students from myriad countries in the experiential exploration of deepening levels of consciousness at Oneness University and abroad.

S. Bhavani (Tejasaji) has taught courses in Psychology, Philosophy and Mysticism at Oneness University and other colleges throughout India since 2007. She has conducted workshops on healing interpersonal relationships and mindful-living to business leaders and government officials in both India and Hungary.

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