​Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. Drawing from his cross-cultural background and ethnomusicology training at Duke University, Poranguí has over twenty years of international work experience as an artist, musician, educator, filmmaker, consultant and therapist, utilizing the healing properties of sound and movement to foster our individual and collective well being.

“My art is that of holding sacred space. The degree to which I can hold space musically or in silence, on a stage or with a client on the treatment table, determines if magic will happen. Whether we are dealing with the space between notes or the space between breaths, the healing power of my work happens when I get out of the way and allow Spirit to move through me.” ~Poranguí

As his uniquely interdisciplinary career has unfolded, Poranguí has embraced its many opportunities:

As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies.

His World Soul concerts have been hosted by Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Beloved Festival, Sonic Bloom, Sedona Yoga Festival, Illuminate Film Festival, BOOM Festival, The Chopra Institute, TEDx, SXSW, Meow Wolf, and many more. Poranguí has collaborated with Rising Appalachia, Desert Dwellers, Climbing PoeTree, Shamans Dream, Liquid Bloom, Ayla Nereo, and numerous others.

In sound design and media production, Poranguí worked with director Mitch Schultz (“DMT: The Spirit Molecule”) and executive producer, Aubrey Marcus on “Ayahuasca”, a documentary set in the Amazon. The soundtrack to this film, released in 2016, is Poranguí’s debut solo album, which was followed with a Remix album presented by Shamans Dream and released under Desert Trax label. His self-titled Live solo album released in 2019, followed by a guided journey and several remix albums.

In his parallel practice as a therapeutic bodyworker, Poranguí draws on his academic background in neuroscience, his family legacy in the healing arts, and his training as a licensed massage therapist. His self-developed “Myorhythmic Release” technique combines the healing properties of sound, movement, and breath, supporting clients from all backgrounds and health conditions in finding freedom from the limitations and suffering of old patterns and trauma.

For Poranguí, this rich practice of music, healing, teaching, performance, and creative collaboration represents the intersection of journeys both personal and professional. The work continues to unfold. For Poranguí, this diverse creative practice is not only a profession but a calling.

“Approaching music from beyond the perspective of an entertainer, but rather as a healer, my intention is always to help move the energy in this space. How can I support this audience, these fellow humans, to shake off their funk and remember what it means to be free and fully expressed, what it means to love and be loved, what it means to be more authentically human.”


Upcoming Events

19 Apr
Poranguí Music Is Medicine Workshop in Crestone Private Location
Crestone, Colorado
11 May
Poranguí Live in Grass Valley Grass Valley Center for The Arts
Grass Valley, CA
16 May
Poranguí Live in Ashland – Beauty Way Tour Jackson Wellsprings
Ashland, OR
19 May
Poranguí Live in Redmond/Bend – Beauty Way Tour High Desert Music Hall
Redmond , OR
25 May
Poranguí in Salt Spring Island – Beauty Way Tour Fulford Community Hall
Salt Spring Island, BC
27 May
Poranguí Live in Boise – Beauty Way Tour The Olympic Venue
Boise, ID
28 May
Poranguí Live in Salt Lake City – Beauty Way Tour Clubhouse on South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT

Live in Sedona

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