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Heartflow Tour

Beloved devotional singer and Grammy-nominated recording artist, Snatam Kaur has announced her upcoming Heartflow Tour. Beginning in spring 2024 with a series of concerts and workshops in Europe, the tour will continue through the US, Canada, and Latin America in the fall. Snatam is celebrated for her incandescent luminous voice and profound knowledge of mantra. Accompanied by gifted, versatile musicians, her concerts are joyous, transformational experiences providing participants an experience of the healing energy of the heart that can be activated by chanting.

Audiences are invited to join Snatam in these deeply personal and jubilant sacred song journeys that arc from quiet introspection, to tapping into self-acceptance, self-love, self-awareness, and forgiveness, then arriving at a healing space of giving oneself over to mantra, before moving into the light of pure celebration, and finally a shared space of prayer and blessings.

Featuring a distinguished new ensemble of master-musicians!

Snatam’s band includes her producer, Ram Dass (piano, clarinet, and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani Rayat (percussion and vocals). The  group will be sharing music from their new album called Heartflow with the first single “Walkin’ Into the Light,” released on February 23, and the full album on April 12.  This album is a collection of mantras and songs  from Snatam’s own personal experiences, practices and teachings to activate the energy of the heart and live from this very rich and beautiful place of awareness. 

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25 Sep
Snatam Kaur Live in Sarasota Riverview Performing Arts Center
Sarasota, FL
27 Sep
Snatam Kaur Live in Toronto East End United
Toronto, ON
29 Sep
Snatam Kaur Live in Montreal Pierre-Péladeau Center
Montréal, QC
07 Nov
Snatam Kaur Live in Santa Cruz Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, CA
09 Nov
Snatam Kaur Live in Austin Unity Church of the Hills
Austin, TX
10 Nov
Snatam Kaur Live in Austin Unity Church of the Hills
Austin, TX
12 Nov
Snatam Kaur Live in Dallas Ridglea Theater
Fort Worth, TX

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