Snatam Kaur Live Stream Concerts 2017
Snatam Kaur Live Stream Concerts 2017

Snatam Kaur Live Stream Concerts

Ever wish you could enjoy a Snatam Kaur concert in the comfort of your own home? Now is your chance!

Snatam’s Original Light West Coast Tour will now truly bring her joyous, uplifting music to audiences everywhere with two live stream opportunities.

She will perform both new compositions and much-beloved songs from her rich catalog of classic world devotional CDs. Timeless Snatam Kaur recordings such as Prem, Grace, Anand, Liberation’s Door and Light of the Naam, have brought inspiration and a deep sense of peace to listeners worldwide with their captivating blend of traditional sacred mantras and expansive musical settings blending Eastern and Western influences. But the best way to experience the music, warmth, and wisdom of Snatam Kaur has only been live in concert, until now.

The intimate experience of a Snatam Kaur concert is now possible in your own home.

Uplift yourself with a live, four-camera broadcast including an exclusive 30-minute pre-concert live stream only experience with backstage footage on Saturday, October 14th, or Tuesday, October 24th, or both.

Our skilled video crew and special lighting will accentuate your in-home experience of Snatam and her band in the elegant Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, California on October 14th and the world-class California Center for the Arts in Escondido, California on October 24th.

You’ll also be able to re-experience the bliss via instant replay for 30-days after the performance date, after which you’ll have the option to download the fully mastered video free of charge. It’s never been easier to experience the deep inner peace and authentic joy that an evening shared with Snatam and her band can reliably impart!

How to connect the Snatam Kaur live stream to your TV:

We’ve had many questions regarding the best manner of connecting the live stream to a TV. Watching it directly on your computer or mobile device is perfectly fine, and there are also a few options for watching it on your TV.

1st Option: Connect your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable. Check your TV manual for instructions.

2nd Option: If you have Apple TV you can mirror your phone or computer screen to your TV. More here.

3rd Option: Use a Chromecast to live stream to your TV from your phone or computer. More here.

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Snatam Kaur Live Stream Concerts 2017
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