Source and Synchronicities
Source and Synchronicities

Source and Synchronicities

A spiritual experience like no other

Life can, at times, feel like a boxing match with endless rounds of throwing and receiving punches. There are times we think the universe is conspiring against us or perhaps intending to teach us a lesson.

Alternatively, life can be a great adventure with surprises and delights at every turn. You can greet the vast unknown not with fear but with faith and excitement. Life events unfold in such mysterious ways. You begin to wonder why the universe is choosing to be so benevolent to you. This is a blessed life.

Source and Synchronicities
is a powerful course that will open you to a magical life of synchronicities.

What are synchronicities?
Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicities are beautiful, favorable and harmonious occurrences that happen in alignment with your intention. It feels as if this randomly moving universe is arranging itself in patterns in response to your heart’s longing and bringing together beautiful people and situations to support you.

When you experience one magical event you call it chance or coincidence. When two of these happen you say you got lucky. When they happen for a period of time you say fortune has favored you. When they happen every day and happen with incredible frequency, we say you have entered a magical life of synchronicities.

Live a Life of Synchronicities
At Source and Synchronicities, you will experience an ultimate fusion of the Power of the Source and the Power of One Consciousness.

The Source has been addressed by numerous names throughout time – as the divine, a sacred presence, cosmic consciousness or as universal intelligence. In this course, you will lock into the Source to access Limitless Power.

Consciousness is the very ground of all existence. It is the fundamental essence of all that is. In this course you will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities through awakening to the Power of One Consciousness. You will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities directly from Preethaji, Chief Mentor of O&O Academy.

You will master the three important zones of synchronicity: the healing zone to experience physical health and rejuvenation; the love zone to attract and sustain love; and, the power zone to create and enjoy abundance.

You will be empowered with a transcendental practice to create synchronicities.

Teachers: Guided by Krishnaji and Preethaji, Chief Mentors of O & O Academy, Source & Synchronicities will be taught via livestream by faculty members who live a life of dedication and service to humanity.

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Source and Synchronicities
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