White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga® is an immersive full day meditative experience and a rare opportunity to explore the depths of your psyche and elevate your spiritual practice. There is nothing else like it. This practice awakens and cleanses the nadis and meridians, strengthens the nervous system, and allows for a renewal that brings the practitioner to a new perspective. A renewal for the trinity of mind, body and soul. The day will be challenging and deeply fulfilling leaving you with a sense of unification, elevation, joy, and a rejuvenated spirit.

White Tantric Yoga is a potent and unique meditative experience that creates a space for transformation, clearing subconscious blocks and promoting positive internal shifts. Allow this timeless practice to serve your life, take away your stress and return to your world with inspiration and gratitude.

Upcoming Events

06 Apr
WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® Miami, Florida United House of Prayer For All People
Miami, FL
04 May
White Tantric Yoga Toronto East End United
Toronto, ON

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"Sat Naaraa-in" by Snatam Kaur

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