Mooji: This Is Seeing — The Dissolution of Delusions

  • March 21, 2020
  • By Mooji
Mooji: This Is Seeing — The Dissolution of Delusions

Open Satsang with Mooji
Rishikesh, India
26 February 2020

This exchange between Mooji and a questioner shows the beautiful and immediate invitation of Satsang — to cast off delusions and come back to our original freedom.

“Both the voice that’s saying, ‘You’re not ready,’ and the one that’s believing, ‘I’m not ready,’ are both perceivable from a deeper consciousness in you. You can see them, it’s just that you’ve not been cultured to look like that. Nobody has invited you to look. You don’t have the sense yet that you exist beyond this person you presently take yourself to be.

You are the formless inside the form, but this has to become your experience arising out of the authority of your own direct seeing — today.”

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About the Author


Mooji is a true light in this world, whose presence, wisdom and loving guidance point us to who we are beyond the limitations of our personal conditioning and identity. In open interactions with this great spiritual Master, seekers of Truth from all backgrounds and traditions are introduced to the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and The Invitation—which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting Self-realisation. Universal in his appeal, Mooji’s wisdom, compassion, openness and humour profoundly touch the hearts of those who meet him, thereby inspiring each one to find within themselves the deep peace, love and silence they recognise in him.

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