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How Anne Lamott Got Sober

A story of meditation, black coffee, and Safeway cakes.

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Watch this When You Feel Like Exploding.

Wisdom from Adyashanti for the moments when you're in the grip of anger.

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The Wisdom of Kindness: Fred Rogers with Jeff Erlanger

Fred Rogers is inducted into the TV Hall of Fame. Jeff Erlanger, who appeared on Mister Rogers Neighborhood in 1981, surprises Rogers at this ceremony._x000D_

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Open Door to Solitude

Every couple of months, 68-year-old Ed Zevely rides into the Colorado high country to camp for weeks at a time—and he does it completely alone. Through thunderstorms, open meadows and treacherous passes, he finds his own patch of serenity. Far from the modern world, it’s a place where the only goal is to move and breathe, and where you can truly understand the difference between loneliness and solitude.

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A Life Well Lived | Jim Whittaker & 50 Years of Everest

Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest._x000D_ Directed by Eric Becker.

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Elizabeth Gilbert: Flight of the Hummingbird – The Curiosity Driven Life

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert does something she thought she would never do…she’s actually speaking out AGAINST passion! Elizabeth takes us on a curious flight explaining why sometimes not having a passion can lead to an even more fulfilling life.

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Where Does Compassion Really Come From? by Sharon Salzberg

Can compassion be learned? The answer is yes! Sometimes, all it takes is truly paying attention to the people around us. Narrated by Sharon Salzberg. Animation by Katy Davis. Video courtesy of

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Thomas Moore: Super Soul Sunday

Oprah sits down with religious scholar, psychotherapist and former monk Thomas Moore to discuss why he believes each of us has the power to create his or her own religion.

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Mark Nepo: Earth Prayer

Earth Prayer, a poem by Mark Nepo.

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Meditate in a Fruit Orchard (with Tagore & Rumi Poetry)

The meditator sits in a lovely fruit orchard as Deepak Chopra reads the Tagore poem "Forces of Nature" and "Circle of Love" by Rumi. Set your intent in your heart, close your eyes and let the poems evoke any emotions or sensations in your body.

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This American Life: Tattoos

Maggie's body is covered in tattoos, and her parents have no idea. So American Life made a video for Maggie to show her parents the tattoos she's been hiding. Made by Bianca Giaever and This American Life with m ss ng p eces. Animation by Jordan Bruner.

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Dalai Lama: Centrality of Compassion in Human Life and Society, Stanford University

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speaks on the centrality of compassion in Maples Pavilion at Stanford University. He shares his thoughts on the necessity of friendship, altruism, family, selflessness, and religion, from the perspectives of such wide-ranging disciplines as education, social psychology and the neurosciences.

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