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Ticket Buyer Fee

$0.99 + 2% of the ticket price
(+ 3% for credit card processing) 

  • No monthly charges
  • Zero cost for free events
  • Discounted rates for promotion to the BrightStar network

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Pricing by Payment Method

BrightStar's service fee is added to the ticket price, and is thus paid for by the ticket buyer. Event producers receive the following processing fee beyond the face value of their tickets:

Payment Method Buyer Pays Seller Receives
BrightStar's credit card processing   $0.99 + 5% 0%
Your credit card processor   $0.99 + 5% 3.00%  
PayPal Payflow Pro   $0.99 + 5% 3.00%  
  With Ticketing   Without Ticketing  
Event Website (infrastructure)  $250 $500
Branding / Print & Digital Graphic Design    
Event Website (graphic design)   $250 $500
Promotional Collateral Design  $750 $1,500
Program Guide Design (up to 16 pages)   $750 $1,500
BrightStar Website    
Basic Listing   $0 n/a
Featured Listing (Regional)   n/a
Featured Listing (Global)   $250 $500
BrightStar eNewsletter    
Featured Placement in eNewsletter (Regional)   n/a
Featured Placement in eNewsletter (Global)   $250 $500
Dedicated Email Blast (Regional)   2.5¢ per customer 5¢ per customer
Dedicated Email Blast (Global)   $1,500 $3,000
Digital Advertising + Remarketing (Facebook + Google Ads Display Network)    
Minimum Spend   $500 $1,000
BrightStar Fee   $500 set up fee + 10% of ad budget $1,000 set up fee + 20% of ad budget
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