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Keep an eye on your events

BrightStar gives you the keys to your data

Calling all number-crunchers and data addicts: our Reports section has what you crave. Run our most helpful report templates or build your own with custom fields. You’ll also have instant access to all settlements and reconciliations. Learn more about your customers, your events, your marketing — and most importantly, your success!

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Watch your ticket sales as they happen.

Results in a snapshot

Complete sales overview — Event Audit

Need a bird’s-eye view of your ticket sales? Save time with Event Audit, and check out your entire sales overview in one place. Revenue, ticket inventory, discounts, donations and the most essential data are all organized by price level in this comprehensive report.

Easy access to your stats

Monitor your sales on the event dashboard

Each event has a dashboard page that provides a quick overview of everything associated with it: live ticket sales statistics, coupon usage, Incentix data and more. Additionally, check out the two-week snapshot of recent sales and transactions every time you log in to your account.

Know your customers

Learn more about ticket buyers

Survey your customers with questions during the checkout process, and gather additional information for your marketing efforts. We’ll also provide access to customer data for email outreach and quick reference in your account.

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