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Sell tickets on our website or yours

Secure ticket purchases, anywhere online

Keep your customers and your web traffic on your own website with custom scalable IFrame widgets, or direct your customers to a custom ticketing page on the BrightStar domain. Either way, you’ll maintain the same secure sales process.

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Fully customized event pages

Add unique colors, logos, content

Create branded page templates with your colors and logos. Even if you rely on our stand-alone pages on the BrightStar site, your events will feel like a natural part of your brand. Provide extra content — such as YouTube videos, photos or streaming music players — in custom HTML event descriptions. All of our pages are responsive for the best possible mobile experience.

Professional design help

Request consultation from our Creative Team

If design seems like a foreign language, just ask your Account Manager for assistance from our department of talented graphic designers. Our experts can help you create beautiful event pages that leave a great first impression for customers.

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