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A kirtan and satsang with sacred chant artist Adam Bauer is a deep immersion in bhakti—the yoga of devotion, a blissful union of hearts and voices carried on a current of music and love. With his warm baritone voice and sonorous harmonium accompaniment, Adam leads his chanting sessions with a gentle, grounded energy, guiding participants to profound levels of conscious awareness.

A lifelong student of the devotional life, Adam took vows of renunciation, poverty and celibacy at age 18, living as a monk for several years while studying the healing arts. Extensive studies in hatha yoga followed, and Adam has also been trained and certified as massage therapist, ontological coach and neo-tantric practitioner. He also spent many years as a bassist for renowned kirtan artists Krishna Das and Shyamdas, and has recorded three albums of his own devotional music— Shyam Lila (2014), Wonderville (2017) and Return to the Sacred (2022).

“Basically,” he says, “I consider music and singing to be among the most intimate ways we can share and express ourselves and connect with others. For eons, all cultures have recognized the mystical power inherent in shared group musical ritual, or ‘the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts, and draws them together,’ as the I Ching puts it.”

For Adam, the art and practice of kirtan is intricately bound up with satsang, which, he says “is when we gather together as truth seekers in community, cultivating a remembrance of spirit and devotion as we all navigate our paths through this wild world. Sometimes satsang involves singing, story telling or readings from inspiring devotional texts, sometimes just diving deep into silence or conversations that explore and enliven our connection with Life and all its radiance.”

For the past 30 years, Adam has been based on an old farm in rural Massachusetts, where he leads healing sessions, special events and retreats. He also tours extensively and leads livestreamed events, sharing his music and loving presence with people hungry for a nourishing alternative to the pace and practices of modern living. For him, it’s all part of seva—compassionate service for the benefit of all beings.

“As a singer,” he says, “it’s my job to nourish and cultivate my essential, loving nature, so that I can be like a hollow bone that allows the presence, joy and ecstasy of the universe to channel through me in a clear and open way.”

Upcoming Events

14 Apr
Adam Bauer Kirtan : Bhakti in the Barn Montague Retreat Center
Montague, MA
20 Apr
Adam Bauer Kirtan in Florence MA Sun Studio
Northampton, MA

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