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About BrightStar Live Events

BrightStar is the manifestation of a long-held dream of a father-son duo with deep-reaching roots in the sacred music genre. Having served as long-time musical + business partners with celebrated devotional artist Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh (father) and Akalsahai Singh (son) witnessed first-hand the profound power and capacity of the sacred live event experience to uplift and heal. The duo became deeply inspired to create the first comprehensive online platform to connect mind-body-spirit enthusiasts to high-consciousness events across North America. BrightStar's web platform harnesses the best in cutting-edge technology to create a beautiful, dynamic, and intuitive resource for inspirational events hailing from a myriad of disciplines and traditions. Since our inception, we've collaborated on a wide range of events in the sacred wisdom/music arena, featuring such luminaries as Deva Premal + Miten, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Dr. Andrew Weil, among many others.

In addition to curating a diverse digital catalog of rich and meaningful live events, BrightStar also supports mind-body-spirit event producers by offering an intelligent suite of ticketing, web, and marketing solutions that take the guesswork out of launching an event online. We've leveraged the newest innovations in web + ticketing technology to offer producers the ability to seamlessly launch and manage an event, from beginning to end. From the initial creation of the event website, to ticketing, to full service event marketing, our solution is the only service of it's kind tailored specifically for this genre.

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