Krishna Das in Los Angeles

The February 26 concert has been rescheduled for May 21, 2022 at 8pm at the same venue. The concert will be held Saturday, May 21 at 8pm at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles.


YOUR TICKETS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEW DATE. There’s nothing that you need to do about transferring your tickets. You will keep the same reserved seats for the concert that you have now.

YOU WILL NOT BE ISSUED NEW TICKETS FOR THE RESCHEDULED DATE. The tickets you received when you made your purchase will be valid for the new date.

Doors open at 6:45pm. Please allow plenty of time for parking

This has been such a difficult time for everyone. Wishing you and your loved ones well through all of it. 


The Wilshire Ebell Theatre, venue for Krishna Das’s Concert

“The chanting just hits you and you want to be a part of it. That’s the point of this whole thing. That’s what cuts through all the ‘stuff’. You get lit up. You don’t have to know what it means.”

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Tara's Mantra from Kirtan Wallah album by Krishna Das

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