Awaken Your Reality: Matt Kahn’s 2020 Group Healing Tour

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7:00pm - 8:30pm

Phone/Computer Anywhere in the World

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Are you exhausted by others or drained by the energy of the planet? Are you tired of feeling invisible, disempowered by outcomes, or frustrated by your circumstances? Do you dream of a more inspiring and fulfilling reality? Isn’t it time to break free of all the doubts, distractions, fears and limitations to co-create the life you were born to love? Are you ready to awaken your most miraculous living potential? If so, then please join Best-Selling Author, Empathic Healer, and YouTube sensation, Matt Kahn for a direct experience of expansion unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Using his highly-attuned intuitive abilities, Matt tunes into each audience and delivers heart-centered (and often hilarious) insights that inspire profound healing, renewed clarity, and indescribable transformation on an emotional, energetic, and cellular level.

Those who have attended Matt’s Group Healing Events report feeling:

• a renewed depth of connection to the Universe

• a palpable upgrade to their intuitive abilities

• the activation of chakras and dormant DNA

• remembrances and the healing of past life memories

• the spontaneous disappearance of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

• a deeper sense of peace, bliss, joy, clarity, and inspiration

• greater alignment with the soul’s highest purpose and potential

• a renewed sense of safety in ourselves and the world

• the ability to commune with the oneness of all — no matter the circumstances in view

If you are ready to step into the timelines of your most exciting and inspired reality, then join with so many energetically-sensitive souls from all over the world at each of the upcoming tour dates. Each weekend event will carry its own unique theme of teachings and specific frequency of energetic transmission.

This means no weekend event will ever be a repeat, with each offering providing essential tools, interactive exercises, and ground-breaking healing processes that create the building blocks of a brand-new human experience. Each weekend event will also include a special healing process to uniquely uplift the vibration of each city and those in attendance.

If you are ready to step beyond judgments, victimhood, and confusion to discover the true joy of being alive, then you are ready to AWAKEN.

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