Matt Kahn

Healing Your Empathic Heart LIVE!

For the past 13 years, highly-attuned empathic healer, best-selling author, and internet sensation, Matt Kahn, has been astounding audiences by revolutionizing all aspects of the spiritual journey through his profoundly healing teachings. Always insightful, divinely-inspired, and often with a dose of humor, Matt provides messages that offer the most relatable and loving approach to each stage of exploration.

With over 12 million YouTube views, Matt has carved a brand-new path for those yearning for true liberation, emotional freedom, and to embody their soul’s full potential. Please join Matt on the most powerful healing tour he has ever offered. During each two-hour Friday event and Saturday one-day immersion, Matt will use his intuitive abilities to tune into the audience and deliver teachings to assist you in transforming all areas of your life. Often referred to as a transmission of presence, Matt has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of his voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Matt’s words convey.

Because each teaching is unique to the audience in attendance and tuning in via livestream, each stop on the tour offers a new level of transformation, to support your spiritual embodiment as you:

  • Spend more time feeling good and less time working on yourself.
  • Transform emotional sensitivities into energetic superpowers.
  • Step into your authentic power without fearing your own light.
  • Shine brightly without the threat of judgment or persecution.
  • Expand your worthiness to receive more opportunity, abundance, and joy.
  • Live from your unlimited potential without having to work hard or earn it.
  • Know you are the light and only the light — free of all doubts, fears, and distractions.
  • Embody your highest truth — no matter the state of your body or the world.
  • Unleash all the goodness thats within you for the well being of all.

Tour Dates

15-31 Feb-Dec
All Tour Livestream Pass Broadcast Live / Replay available until December 31st
Online, Anywhere in the World
24-19 Sep-Nov
Angel Academy 10 – Creating a New Consciousness Phone/Computer
Online, Anywhere in the World
07 Dec
Matt Kahn Seattle Soul Gathering Community Fitness
Seattle, WA
21-25 Oct
Matt Kahn October Retreat: In-Person World Forestry Center
Portland, OR

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