Transformed By Love
A 3-Day Retreat

Do you yearn to bring your healing journey to a point of completion? Are you ready to experience inspiration, excitement, and passion instead of fatigue, exhaustion, loneliness, and boredom? Isn’t it time to joyfully shine your light at full capacity — once and for all?

If so, then please join best-selling author and empathic healer, Matt Kahn for a life-changing exploration into the heart of awakening. This 3-day event is for those who yearn to truly embody their soul’s expression by learning to live from a naturally heart-centered perspective, no matter the state of the world.

This retreat is a part of Matt’s ongoing “lightworker training” series.

Transformed By Love is your opportunity to:

  • Manifest true healing resolve on a physical, emotional, and energetic level
  • Move beyond the tendency to match other people’s energy or be emotionally triggered
  • Find true closure that heals the past and releases attachments to conditioning
  • Learn to communicate with clarity, authenticity, compassion without denying your truth

If you are ready to transform all aspects of your life with the highest vibration in existence, then you won’t want to miss a moment of this profoundly healing 3-day event.

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