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In the process of promoting hundreds of events over the last decade, we have curated an immensely valuable customer database of over 200,000 people who have purchased over $25,000,000 in mind/body/spirit event tickets (on our platform alone).

Don’t spend the majority of your ad budget promoting your events to people who don’t actually buy tickets. Advertising to the BrightStar customer network ensures that 100% of your ad budget is delivered directly to mind/body/spirit event ticket buyers.

Philip Hellmich

"BrightStar is a close friend and ally with The Shift Network and has been invaluable in helping us bring attention to our programs. We share common spiritual values focused on uplifting humanity. BrightStar combines professional marketing expertise with heart-centered service."

Philip Hellmich , Director of Peace, The Shift Network

Eric Forbis

"We've been so happy with the outstanding customer service and marketing & promotion that we've received while working with BrightStar, and we feel great about supporting a company committed to the ideals of higher consciousness."

Eric Forbis , Co-Founder BuddhaFest

The Chopra Center

"BrightStar’s professionalism is top notch. We look forward to collaborating with them again in the future!"

The Chopra Center

Deva Premal & Miten

""...We love BrightStar...!!""

Deva Premal & Miten

Tamara Klamner

"BrightStar brings high consciousness events to a large audience, providing ticketing and promotions with professionalism and kindness. It has been a joy and an honor to work with them. The network that they are creating is an extremely valuable resource for the community."

Tamara Klamner , Seva Foundation

Email Marketing

Reach your ideal audience! Deliver strategically timed geo-targeted emails to BrightStar ticket buyers located near your upcoming event or reach our entire worldwide database.

Don’t get lost in the crowd.

Put your event on the center stage, alongside our bestselling musicians, authors, teachers, and speakers.

Internet Advertising

The Leader in Digital Marketing

BrightStar is the only digital marketing firm in the world whose sole focus is the promotion of events in the mind-body-spirit genre. We know exactly how to precisely target the people you want to reach and how to skillfully communicate with them.

Expert Ad Campaign Strategists

BrightStar’s unparalleled experience in designing and implementing custom ad campaigns includes:

• In-depth Return On Investment (ROI) analysis to get you the best value possible
• Campaign Budgeting to help you stay on-budget
• Ad design and copywriting assistance to create effective campaigns
• Campaign execution and management to help you stay on-top of the moving parts
• Optimization of conversion rates to make sure you’re not in the dark when conducting sales in other currencies
• Comprehensive sales funnel and retargeting strategies to maximize sales

Vast Database for Customer Retargeting

Advertising directly to your target demographic can be effective, but what if you could take it a step further? What if you could advertise specifically to customers who have purchased tickets to similar events? Now you can! BrightStar is now offering Customer Retargeting Marketing (CRM) campaigns to our highly valuable list of over 200,000 ticket buyers.

Regional Expertise

No two markets are the same. BrightStar offers intimate knowledge and experience with nearly every major market in North America and Europe. This translates into the most effective promotional partnerships and ad campaigns in any given market.

Direct Mailing

Send beautiful postcards and brochures directly to your target audience. Simply upload the artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t have a design? Our design team can help.

Depending on your target audience and other demographics, sometimes good old-fashioned snail mail can be a powerful tool in reaching prospective customers. A beautifully-designed and well-crafted postcard can have a surprisingly powerful impact.

Graphic Design

Need help creating a visual identity for your event?

Our seasoned creative team has provided graphic design services for a diverse array of artists and events, ranging from rising stars to world-renown figures. Allow our designers to translate the unique and authentic qualities of your event into a stunning visual presence.


Don’t hide your light!

Having a hard time writing a description that effectively captures the essence of your event? Need a professional press release? Our wordsmiths can help! We can create copy that is an authentic reflection of your unique offerings and is crafted to inspire and motivate.

It's a no-brainer!

Access to the BrightStar Audience at half the cost...

Our cutting-edge ticketing technology not only rivals industry “giants” (think Eventbrite), but BrightStar offers lower rates that translate to increased profitability. Ticketing with BrightStar also grants you preferred access to our highly-targeted customer database of over 200,000 mind-body-spirit enthusiasts who have attended our mindfully curated selection of high-vibration events. And, you can feel good about partnering with a small, family-owned company, committed to serving the greater good of all.

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