Online Ticketing

With vibrant event pages and a complete suite of ticketing tools, online ticket sales are just the beginning of what BrightStar can do for event organizers. Your event day will be an easier, more successful experience for you, your staff, and your customers.

Total Ticket Management: Easily sell tickets online and at-the-door

• Assign seating with pricing variation
• Offer bulk/group ticket sales
• Implement coupon incentives
• Application forms

No Cost to You

• We charge a small nominal fee that 90% of organizers pass along to their ticket buyers
• Most event organizers pay nothing to use our ticketing service!

Happy Ticket Buyers

• Create a responsive, visually striking event landing page that projects professionalism and inspiration
• Offer the choice of mobile or print-at-home tickets
• Provide an easy, intuitive, and fuss-free purchasing experience

Utilize the Industry's Leading Technology

• Our engineers have created the most robust platform available, with a bandwidth that can support thousands of transactions simultaneously
• Our tech support team is available to support you throughout the process, even on the day of your event

Ticket Sales

Beyond Online Ticketing

Selling tickets is so much more than simply adding a button to your website. Our system offers a suite of features and tools that can make the ticketing experience as unique as your event.

Built for Events of all Shapes and Sizes

Sell recurring events

Setting up timed ticketing or daily admissions? Manage an entire series of recurring events from the top down. Create one event for your tour groups or weekend theater performances and instantly build a schedule to replicate its details across all events in the series.

Simple event calendar

Whether you’re running a long recurring event series or adding the next few months of shows at your venue, customers can browse events and purchase tickets from a complete, easy-to-navigate event calendar.

Upsell Event Packages or Merchandise

Sell one set of tickets across venues or multiple smaller events. Provide one barcode per ticket to scan, no matter how many events are included. You can even include merchandise with ticket sales to get that extra revenue bump from larger, bundled transactions.

Flexible checkout options

Membership support

Grant access to special members-only events and pricing.

Custom promo codes

Manage coupons for discounts, comps, reserved seats and more.

Collect donations

Provide an easy way to include donations during checkout.

Name your price

Let customers determine their own price, based on a minimum per ticket.

Offer payment plans

Implement payment installments for high-price ticket orders.

Group sales

Accept payments over time from multiple customers for group ticket orders.

Reserved Seating

Reimagine your virtual venue

Our reserved seating venue builder allows you to create a replica of your venue. Purchasing preferred seats and editing inventory, tables, coupons and holds has never been easier.

Reserved seating done right

Build your venue

Our event specialists will build an interactive, easy-to-browse version of your seating chart.

Sections, rows, tables, boxes

Whatever your venue’s seating situation, our system can support all types of arrangements.

Complete ticketing tools

Edit seats, holds, price levels and inventory on the fly.

Let customers select their seats

Reduce back-and-forth communications and queries (calls, emails) by making it easier for customers to choose their desired seats online.

Event Pages

Create a Striking Event Landing Page

First impressions are important. Sell tickets on vibrant, engaging event pages that match the look and feel of your brand.

Lacking in design expertise? Our talented graphic design team can help.

The same experience on any device

The responsive design of our event pages dynamically arranges page elements to provide your customers with an easy, fast checkout experience on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Get Social: Leverage the Power of Facebook

Easily sell tickets to your event via your own official Facebook page.

You’re already using Facebook to connect to your customers. Stay on top of your social interactions and provide easy ticket sales in the same convenient location. It only takes a minute to install our app and add a prominent Find Tickets button to your brand’s Facebook Page.

Purchase tickets anywhere

Keep your customers and your web traffic on your own website with iFrame widgets, or direct your customers to a custom ticketing page on the BrightStar domain. Either way, you’ll maintain the same secure sales process.

Stay connected with fans

Let customers promote for you

Reach new audiences by encouraging customers to share events and their ticket purchases with their friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Send free newsletters

Create, draft and send emails to your customer database completely within the system. Deliver important updates or promote future events to past customers.

Turn tickets into printed ads

We offer free customizable ad space on every print-at-home ticket. Showcase upcoming events with a calendar, or generate additional revenue by promoting sponsors and affiliates.

Learn more about your attendees

Custom questions during checkout

Gather instant surveys and valuable marketing data directly from your customers when they purchase tickets.

Application forms

Register press passes and more by sending out application forms. You’ll be able to manage submissions and send ticket offers all within the system.


No cost to your organization

Our core ticketing services require a small negotiable fee per ticket, which 90% of our organizers pass on to their customers. Keep your ticket prices affordable and your customers happy, while maintaining your bottom line.

Calculate Your Service Fee


Ticket Buyer Fee

$0.99 + 2% of the ticket price
(+ 3% for credit card processing)

  • No monthly charges
  • Zero cost for free events
  • Discounted rates for promotion to the BrightStar network

It's a no-brainer!

Access the BrightStar Audience at half the cost...

Our cutting-edge ticketing technology not only rivals industry “giants” (think Eventbrite), but BrightStar offers lower rates that translate to increased profitability. Ticketing with BrightStar also grants you preferred access to our highly-targeted customer database of over 200,000 mind-body-spirit enthusiasts who have attended our mindfully curated selection of high-vibration events. And, you can feel good about partnering with a small, family-owned company, committed to serving the greater good of all.


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