Accessing the Universal Key to Healing

  • Saturday, October 19, 2019 - Sunday, October 20, 2019
  • 115 Worcester Ln, Waltham, MA
Accessing the Universal Key to Healing


Is there something in your life you want to change or help others change?
Are you ready to release old difficulties and create a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling life?
If you or yours are experiencing difficulties you want to transform that are…
Physical…like chronic pain, autoimmune disease, asthma
Emotional…like depression
Mental…like anxiety
Relational…like unfulfilling relationships
Then join us at our upcoming workshop, Accessing and Utilizing the Universal Key to Healing, on October 19-20, in Waltham, Massachusetts where you will learn how to…

Understand suffering in an entirely different way opening us to a new, provocative world view about the nature of Life & reality
Release blocks that keep you stuck & from manifesting desires
Heal yourself from anything you are suffering about
Discover the wisdom and learning in your life stories
Live with greater health, happiness, and choice

Life Centered Therapy is a mind-body and psychospiritual framework for healing and growth, integrating ancient wisdom with the best of modern psychology to create profound transformation
What People are Saying…
“I would characterize it as ‘miraculous.’ That a single hour of therapy can take the place of 20 years of therapy. That the power of the mind and body can come together and heal physical ailments. No, this isn’t a miracle. It’s a miracle that human beings have figured out how to do this.”
“I am the therapy-queen! LCT is the power tool version of therapy! I got two to three years’ worth of therapy in four months! It works because when you are in the past life thing or the vision, you are “in” it and you get to do the work you need to do. And (the facilitator) is not guiding you, it’s your higher self. And your higher self knows what to do. That’s why it works – it’s completely beyond ego.”
Step into a Life of New Possibilities Today

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