Altar of Love Weekend Sedona

  • Saturday, December 10, 2022 - Sunday, December 18, 2022
  • The Global Center for Christ Consciousness, Sedona, AZ
Altar of Love Weekend Sedona

Join Ananda Das for the incredible the Altar of Love Weekend! These weekend are designed to:

  • Heal your heart
  • Bring more meaning and purpose
  • De-stress
  • Inspire your devotion
  • Open your voice and sing
  • Become more radiant, healthy and joyful
  • Celebrate with community

He is thrilled to be sharing these exclusive offerings with you Dec. 10th-11th online or in person at the Global Center for Christ Consciousness. The weekend schedule is below. All the events can be attended individually or as a package.  

LIVE STREAM IS FREE!! The links to the live streams are below each event. You do need to register in order to get access. Replay available if you can’t make the time.

We highly recommend signing up for the weekend package to experience the full benefits. To learn more about each offering, click on the link to each event and there will be much more info about each one.

Check out the weekend offering and register to what you can make right away. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Saturday 12/10

9am-11am: Courageous Heart | Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga

Live stream of the yoga class: click here

2pm-4pm: Singing, Mantra & Bhakti Masterclass

Live stream of the masterclass: click here

Sunday 12/11

10am-11am: Guest Musician at Sunday Service (Free or by donation)

Live stream of service: click here

1pm-3pm: Cacao Ceremony, Healing Heart Songs and Sound Healing

Live Stream of the Cacao Ceremony: click here

7pm-9pm: Kirtan | Heart Songs | Sound Healing – Joined by a wonderful band (Prem Vidu on drums, Gabriel Browne on bass, Marga Samadhi on vocals and harmonium)

Live stream of concert: click here

*If this sounds like the medicine for you, please register for the events right away and let’s blossom together.

All prices increase $10 at the door. 

BONUS! Buy the weekend package and receive:

-Signed CD of your choice

-Front row seats for the concert

Music Bio:
Ananda Das is an internationally acclaimed musician who’s music is a catalyst for healing hearts, inspiring joy and devotion. His music blends kirtan and devotional melodies that appeals to yoga practitioners. He also offers sweet soulful ballads, upbeat rock and reggae songs that are fun to dance and sing to.
His live performances offer a safe and inviting opportunity for the audience to participate in. His guitar, harmonium, bansuri flute and captivating voice transports the listener to blissful realms. 
Since 2011 he produced 14 albums and toured internationally in the duo Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda. He also released two solo albums that many consider his greatest hits, Flower of Life (2018) and Flow Like the River (2021).
To hear his music, click here.
To hear Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, click here
Singing, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga Teacher Bio: 
Ananda Das’s signature techniques deliver massive breakthroughs in opening, enriching and expanding the range and depth of the voice. In addition, his techniques are profound for healing singing trauma, building confidence and improving performance. He has been teaching and transforming lives since 2011. In 2021, he created the Modern Bhakti Yoga Academy, an online platform with courses to educate and support people in their devotional journey. His passion to share and teach about mantra has helped countless heal, elevate and be inspired to incorporate mantra and bhakti into their lives.  
Yoga Teacher Bio:
Ananda Das has a passion for sharing devotional yoga practices that open the heart, heal wounds, energize the whole being and deepen your connection with the divine. He loves to theme his classes with a deity, explain their archetype and make them relatable to one’s life. This helps people elevate their emotions, feelings and life circumstances to a higher perspective. By connecting with the deity in this way it imparts a transmission and empowerment for the student.
He shares Himalayan Kundalini Sattva Yoga which is a wholistic blend of postures, breath work, dynamic movements, and meditation for a potent and integrative approach. 
Ananda had been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by the Kundalini Research Institute since 2006. In April 2020, life shifted his trajectory and he fell in love with the Sattva Yoga tradition.  He completed a 300hr teacher training along with an 18 day, 60 hour course on the Bhagavad Gita just outside Rishikesh, India.  Both were taught by Anand Mehrotra, a Himalayan yogic master who has profoundly inspired him on the yogic path.
In addition to his BA in international and sustainable business, he has a minor in East Asian Religions and studied yogic philosophy at the University of Oregon and the Dharmalaya (2003-2009).
Cacao Ceremony Bio:
Ananda has been leading cacao ceremonies since 2010.  While traveling in Guatemala in 2009, Ananda had a profound experience with the spirit of cacao. He went on to connect with a cacao shaman in Lake Atitlan who shared with him his way of holding cacao ceremonies and how to connect with the spirit of cacao. Upon Ananda’s return to the states, he began to share ceremonial space with this special cacao he brought back from Guatemala.  Since 2010, he has shared over 100 ceremonies both nationally and internationally and even led a cacao ceremony intensive at the Esalen Institute. 
For more info on Ananda Das and upcoming events and offerings, click here.

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