Ambrosia Elixirs Presents: Relax with Adam

  • Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • 6:00pm
  • Ambrosia Elixirs (Bushwick), Brooklyn, NY
Ambrosia Elixirs Presents: Relax with Adam

Ambrosia Elixirs is a botanical cafe and apothecary bar offering vegetarian and vegan, crafted food, botanical elixirs, herbal ice creams and apothecary shop, introducing herbal products and offerings for home use. Hello, my name is Adam Weinberg, and I’ve been featured at The World Economic Forum and United Nations for helping people relax. I’m known for teaching people how to trigger a lucky streak. I’ll help you learn to maintain a flow state by showing exactly how to tap back in when you drop out of the quantum field, so you can make greater strides in a fraction of the time.10 minutes of meditation is equivalent to a 3 hour power nap! Anyone can learn these fundamentally simple techniques for on-the-spot stress relief and long-lasting energy boosts. The Bhagavad-Gita says we are never prevented from our goals by obstacles, but rather by a clearer path to a lesser goal. Meditation is vital to developing true, unwavering focus, which inevitably leads to follow through with commitments, and therefore ultimately, to progress.If you have been following the developments in epigenetic science and the simulation theory, here is your chance to bio-hack a more fulfilling lifestyle through applying the principles of neurofinance.Without even attending my presentation, you can begin right here and now, through awareness of the 12 Core Transformations:1. LUNGS = SADNESS INTO KINDNESS2. LARGE INTESTINE = STAGNATION INTO RELIEF3. STOMACH = IRRITABILITY INTO SATISFACTION4. SPLEEN/PANCREAS = WORRY INTO CONFIDENCE5. HEART = FRENZY INTO JOY6. SMALL INTESTINE = UNCERTAINTY INTO CLARITY7. URINARY BLADDER = JEALOUSY INTO PROGRESS8. KIDNEYS = FEAR INTO CAUTION9. PERICARDIUM = DEFENSIVENESS INTO PROTECTION10. FASCIA = FRAGMENTATION INTO COHESION11. GALLBLADDER = TIMIDITY INTO COURAGE12. LIVER = ANGER INTO ENTHUSIASMDuring this 60 minute program you will experience deeply embodied transformation. No yoga mat is required. The participatory parts can even be done while sitting. Here’s a 20 minute presentation illustrating things a bit scale: $10-20(No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)Thanks in advance,Adam Weinberg.

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