Awakened Heart

  • Sunday, August 15, 2021
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Giving Tree Cafe, Phoenix, AZ
Awakened Heart

Awakened Heart presented by the VIbrational Empowerment Network.

Join us for a heart opening and uplifting evening of music and poetry at the Ultimate Light Mission in Sedona featuring world renowned musicians and performing artists John Dumas, Tsering Lodoe, Gabriella Young and Tsering Lodoe. 

John Dumas

John Dumas M.S. is an internationally renowned musician, shamanic astrologer, inspirational teacher, and pioneer in sound healing. He performs concerts and leads workshops and retreats internationally with his unique handcrafted flutes and didgeridoos. John has developed a unique sound therapy/healing ceremony that is titled "Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime." This voyage into the dreamtime is an experiential interactive sound therapy that facilitates the healing of our mind, body & spirit. Healing through sound is the culmination of John’s educational background in the fine arts, Psychology and study of indigenous cultures. With the intention of love and compassion, John opens the doorway into the dreamtime, an altered state of time and space, producing awakened dreaming.


Performing in many countries and sacred sites, throughout, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America has given John the opportunity to lead ceremonies and play inside Egyptian pyramids, Mayan temples, England’s stone circles and sacred mountaintops like Mt Saana, high above the Arctic Circle in Finland. More recently exotic places like Bali, China, and Japan have been a second home. John’s sense of commitment to his life’s work to inspire love, empowerment, and unity worldwide continues to evolve. It is John’s belief that through the universal language of music; where words are not needed that the beauty of oneness begins to emerge all over the world ushering in a true Aquarius age.

John has several recordings available that explore the infinite realm of dreamtime ranging from tribal/world trance to relaxing meditative soundscapes exploring higher states of consciousness. He calls Hawaii home where he enjoys surfing and swimming with the whales and dolphins, creates his one of a kind instruments, performs concerts,  facilitates sound healing ceremonies and live ecstatic dance. John is available for private sessions over Skype as well as in person.  



Tsering Lodoe

Tsering Lodoe was born into a Tibetan refugee family in India and studied at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharamsala, which was established under His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s guidance.

Lodoe continued his affiliation with TIPA for more than 23 years, earning advanced degrees in all aspects of traditional Tibetan music and performing arts. Lodoe was the lead singer on the sound track in the internationally acclaimed film “Himalaya,” and can also be heard on the sound track of “Seven Years in Tibet.” He has sung for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II.


Gabriella Young

Gabriella Young is a visionary performance and recording artist. She is also a teacher, healer, and mystic whose programs and performances anoint consciousness through Sacred Sound, Vibration, and the Word. Concerts of Vision, Sacred Purpose and Alchemy of the Beloved unveil inner spiritual awareness and creativity for compassionate service.

Gabriella is well-known for her performances of the initiatory poetry of Rumi and other spiritual Masters.

She collaborates with international musicians, celebrating ecstatic reunion with the Beloved.

Gabriella is available for performances, retreats & private sessions.

Gabriella has a lifetime of exploration, wisdom and love with plants, longevity, vibrational healing arts and sciences, superfoods and herbs, all of which feeds naturally into her programs supporting expansion of awareness and integration. A great mix!

Jason (Jade) Lyons

Jade is the Co-Founder and Director of The Vibrational Empowerment Network, founder and director of Project Manifest and Resonate Festival.  He is also an energy worker & reiki practitioner, music producer, mindfulness and meditation teacher/coach, gong specialist & sound/vibrational healer. Through his work and mastery of the gong he has been honored with the title of "Authorized Pastie Gong Agent" and has been blessed by being able to work and study with some of the true "Gong Masters" from around the globe.


His combination of skills come together in his sound healing in a unique way, always organic and evolving. Jade would find his passion for music at an early age and started dabbling with DJ’ing while still in high school, a passion that would continue on the dance floors of Chicago’s top nightclubs for over 20 years. Now out of the night club scene he finds himself performing regularly Sound Healer and DJ in consciousness events and Ecstatic Dance events throughout the world. His years of managing night clubs and organizing events is an indispensable asset to his endeavors with Project Manifest & The Vibrational Empowerment Network.


Jade’s passion shares the core belief of Project Manifest which is to seek out and collaborate with sound healers globally in an organic spirit of co-creation, celebration & empowerment. Look for many big things ahead as Jade’s light has just begun to shine and is currently guiding him on his own journey of self empowerment while teaching others how to manifest and find their own true divinity within.

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