Beautiful Kingdom - Emmy Winning Documentary

  • Sunday, April 16, 2023
  • 7:00pm - 7:15pm
Beautiful Kingdom – Emmy Winning Documentary

Join exciting up-and-coming band Beautiful Kingdom for a screening of their recent Emmy Award-winning PBS short film documentary, “Where Love Takes the Lead.” The ten-minute film opens the doors to the music and life of a group determined to uplift humanity through their universal mission “to bring heaven to earth.” Captivating, inspiring, non-denominational, and rooted in a touching story of unbreakable friendship, the screening will provide an opportunity for all to witness three gifted musical artists working together to bridge spiritual consciousness into the mainstream.

“We’re grateful for the help being offered by so many lately who share our dream,” says the band. “We’re excited to play a lot more live shows this year and eventually do larger touring. It’s our desire that our music be a place where anyone can access frequencies of healing and wholeness, whether they consider themselves on a spiritual path or not. We aim to spark the remembrance of divinity in every heart, inspiring and encouraging everyone to share their gifts as only they can. Our band name is a vision for what’s possible when we all help life be the most beautiful it can be.”

The group is comprised of three singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists working as a team to bring each other’s songs to life. The band formed in the fall of 2019 in the small town of Luverne, Minnesota, when two of the three journeyed to visit their friend who’d been battling chronic illness. The emotional meeting was the first time they had united altogether in person. Reconnecting and healing after a period of great challenge, their meeting quickly segued into profound collaboration—a tri-force of spiritually charged creativity that culminated in their first live show. Their sensational blend of poetic lyrics, exquisite melodies, brilliant harmony, and impressive musical arrangements quickly magnetized a dedicated local following.

Upon witnessing an Instagram clip of the band performing live, Emmy-winning PBS director/producer Dana Conroy contacted the group, asking if they wanted to be featured in the upcoming PBS season of Postcards. The resulting short film combines lively performance footage with the inspirational story of the band members intertwined karmic paths. It won the Emmy Award for “Arts & Entertainment – Short Form Content” presented on October 15, 2022.   

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