Crystal Bowl Mastery Level I - Encinitas CA

  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - Friday, August 30, 2019
  • Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, CA
Crystal Bowl Mastery Level I Training with Ashana
Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1 25 Hour Immersion Training with ASHANA Presented by Soul of Yoga Sound Institute Take your crystal bowl playing to the next level in this transformational healing sound immersion with Crystal Bowl Artist & Sound Healer ASHANA Dive deep into the healing essence of the crystal bowls with a Master Teacher of Crystal Singing Bowls: Learn to play with awareness, reverence, and presence as you entrain body, mind, and spirit to higher vibrational harmonics Transform your energy through powerful techniques that will help you remain balanced, grounded, centered and strong as you expand and activate your field with crystal harmonics Refine your playing to significantly increase the healing impact it has for yourself, your clients, students and community Receive in-depth, laser-focused mentoring to take your sound healing to a new level Merge with the angelic and elemental frequencies as you connect deeply with the guidance of your Higher Self Increase your value and expertise as a facilitator of personal and collective awakening through sound By the end of three days with Ashana, you will: Play from a deeply centered, loving, grounded place within yourself that is connected to your True Self Understand and have gained hands-on experience with basic and more advanced bowl techniques that will increase the healing effect of your playing Be attuned to the practice of “deep listening” as you surrender to the essence of the crystal bowls, allowing this expanded alchemy of sound to lead your playing Come away with powerful energetic hygiene techniques to assist you in holding impeccable, clear space for yourself and your clients in private and group settings Explore the indescribable healing alchemy created when your voice merges with the sound of the crystal bowls Gain a clear understanding of fundamental principles of sound healing and how these apply specifically to the crystal singing bowls This class is for you if: You are a teacher, light-worker, healing practitioner or someone who is committed to making a difference in the world and in the lives of those you serve. You know that sound is a powerful healing modality. You may have already experienced this first-hand, or use sound in your life, your work or your healing practice. You are ready to go deeper. To experience crystal singing bowls with a Beginner’s Mind and from a place that is connected to your True Self. To understand and actually feel the bowls as a living consciousness. To learn how to work with them with greater sensitivity and awareness. To explore using your voice with the bowls in ways that are soothing, sensual, authentic and healing. You are open and inspired by the thought of working with an experienced, world recognized Master Teacher to guide you and lead the way. Level 1 Crystal Bowl Mastery® is for beginner and advanced students alike. All who attend, regardless of level of experience, will come away with increased awareness, presence and refinement in their playing. Price: $1300.  Payment plans available. Please contact to set one up. This training qualifies for 25 hour credit towards Advanced Certifications in Sound Healing

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