Ekam Siddhi Experience Chicago

  • Friday, March 17, 2023
  • 11:00am - 12:30pm
  • Garden of Yoga, La Grange, IL
Ekam Siddhi Experience Chicago

You are invited to Taste the Spirit of Enlightenment   EKAM SIDDHI EXPERIENCE

Sandy Bachman recently returned home from an intensive spiritual journey called EKAM Tapas at EKAM, World Center for Enlightenment, in southern India. 


EKAM Tapas is a precise ecosystem meticulously created by its founders to establish participants in a non-suffering state of equilibrium, or unperturbed calm, which is the foundational state for living an enlightened life.  


Upon completion of their immersion journey, all 500 participants from around the world were initiated and bestowed with the sacred gift of sharing EKAM Siddhi for the next 28 days.

EKAM Siddhi is a powerful, spiritual gift transmitted from the state of the EKAM Siddhi Giver that allows the recipient to experience an enlightenment state of being, such as: joy/delight, compassion, love, calm, and/or connection. 

Venue visit  https://gardenofyoga.net/

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