Field of Abundance

  • Thursday, May 2, 2019 - Sunday, May 5, 2019
  • Inselhalle Lindau, Lindau (Bodensee), BY
Field of Abundance
Field of Abundance is a consciousness upgrade, an education that no school or university has given you so far. Transform the following 5 pivotal areas of your life through new and revolutionary insights. Achievement – shift from obsessive doing to joyful being. Partnership – discover what love is. Parenting – become a transformed parent who creates an impact to create a difference to yourself and to the masterpiece you help to sculpt. Wealth Creation – purify and dissolve all that is obstructive to creating great abundance in your life. Leadership- Become an extra ordinary leader by moving into a state of connection. Only when you move into this state of connection, intelligence thrives, genius grows, prosperity grows, abundance grows, and you enter a new realm of possibilities. Location: Inselhalle Lindau, Zwanzigerstr 10, 88131 LindauSchedule: 09 am to 7 pm (Thursday to Saturday) , 09 am to 5 pm (Sunday)Telephone: +49 8382 260023 For additional details about Inselhalle Lindau, please visit Please click here for a list of suggested hotels and preferred rates. Preethaji is a philosopher and a modern day sage. During the Field Of Abundance course she teaches you the ultimate power – the power of an expanded state of consciousness through wisdom, deep insights and The Limitless Field, a powerful meditation. Preethaji leads you into experiencing expanded states of consciousness. Her presence has the power to make calm, connected and creative states of consciousness your personal and lasting experience. Preethaji is a speaker at international conferences such as the TedX series of conferences, the Equinox Symposium in LA and Fudan University China. She mentors numerous leaders like American success coach Tony Robbins, Usher Raymond and business leaders such as Mike Novogratz. This is a rare opportunity to experience Preethaji live in Europe. Ask yourself from your heart: Would this journey be worth to you if you got the fruit of healing of one deep hurt from your past and returned you to greater trust and a new mindset? If it helped your child flower into a happier and more joyful individual? If it led you to the discovery of what love is? If It dissolved the obstacles to abundance from the deepest layers of your consciousness and opened you to a magical flow of wealth and creativity?

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