Guided Self Healing Workshop

  • Saturday, April 4, 2020
  • 9:30am - 6:00pm
  • The Life Centered Therapy Institute, Waltham, MA
Guided Self Healing Workshop

Want to feel more alive, joyful, healthy, & peaceful?

Join us to learn how to heal your mind, body, and spirit


You’re suffering…and even worse…

You’re completely stuck and don’t know how to get better.

You’ve tried it all…but nothing seems to fully heal and nourish your mind body and soul.

Whether your suffering is…

Emotional…like depression

Mental…like anxiety

Physical…like chronic pain

Spiritual…like alienation, not knowing your purpose

We can help you get unstuck, so you can thrive in life again


Healing your issues at their root cause…

Life Centered Therapy (LCT) is a cutting-edge holistic, mind-body, and spiritual therapy that helps you heal your difficulties at their root cause, creating permanent change and transformation of your mind, body, and soul.

LCT is highly effective, efficient, elegant at diagnosing and resolving the root causes of your problems so that they can transform completely.

Why? Because it uses an extraordinarily effective psychospiritual diagnostic system that helps you access the levels of your unconscious mind and deepest intuitive knowing…our what might be considered a soul level of wisdom.

These two levels of wisdom hold information crucial to your healing and growth.

And then we provide you with tools…

By tapping into these deeper levels of wisdom, we equip you with all of the tools you need to heal and transform the stories that are:

Sabotaging your happiness

Keeping You stuck in the same old bad patterns

Creating negative limiting beliefs about yourself

Manifesting as your depression, anxiety, chronic pain, bad relationships

As a result of working on the root causes and patterns that are causing your symptoms, they resolve permanently

However, you may not be aware of some of these patterns that are causing your difficulties

This is where our remarkable psychospiritual diagnostic system helps you narrow down the exact stories and root causes you need to heal to get the results you have been searching for all these years.


Welcome to Life Centered Therapy

Life Centered Therapy is where people turn to when all other methods haven’t created the changes they wish to see in their lives.

These methods could be traditional; like talk therapy or internal family systems; alternative, like emotional freedom technique or somatic experiencing; holistic or energetic like yoga and reiki…

We help adults suffering from trauma heal their past-once and for all. If you are still stuck after trying traditional therapy and other complimentary healing modalities, we can help you live a life of health, joy, wisdom, and vitality.

With a holistic, mindbody, and psychospiritual approach, we provide cutting-edge holistic trauma therapy that helps you heal your difficulties at their root cause, creating permanent change.

Our passion and mission are supporting you n your spiritual healing and growth-and helping you to gain freedom from your deepest fears.

Remarkable healing and transformation is possible

​This is the chance to take that step, experience this deep level of healing, learn how to heal yourself and change your life today by registering for our one day Guided Self Healing Workshop.


What people are saying about our workshop

“Excellent. ..There was a great deal of information here, presented very rapidly – and yet it was so well presented that it was amazingly easy to absorb. Most interesting was the concept that energy is greater than only our mind creates … this I can work with and truly ponder.”

Sonoma, CA Workshop Participant

“It was powerful listening to everyone’s stories and observing many transformations that took place for many of the participants in the group. I have learned a number of tools that I will take home and try to use to continue my healing and enlightenment.”

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