Hathor Love Egypt Tour

  • Sunday, September 17, 2023 - Friday, September 29, 2023
  • Great Pyramid, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Hathor Love Egypt Tour


September 17-29-2023

12-Days in Egypt
Travel with KumariDevi – Bodhisattva – Master Healer 

Calling Goddesses, Truth Seekers, and You! Join a transformative journey to Egypt, where you connect with your soul and deepen your self-discovery. We follow Hathor the primordial Goddess, as she weaves her golden nectar into hearts and through Egypt.

Humanity and Earth are ascending, and with Pluto in Aquarius, we rise beyond fear into new paradigms of Love. No place on Earth is the history so rich and the mysteries so deep than in Egypt. Be transported to past life memories in this faraway land.

Hidden in Egypt’s rich history are dormant memories awaiting retrieval and where codes activate personal and global alignments. The Ancients sing to your Soul, calling you to return to wholeness. Temples remain alive in other dimensions to awaken ancient memories, a storehouse of wisdom that speaks deeply to you.

Over two decades ago, KumariDevi pioneered the concept of "Workshops on Tour," fusing workshops with captivating sightseeing excursions to high-energy locations across the globe. Her mission on Earth includes the activation of planetary grids, a journey that commenced in 1995 with the Michael and Mary Leylines in England and has since carried on. From igniting the heart grid at India’s Taj Mahal to unveiling the hidden Temple of Illumination beneath Peru’s mystical Lake Titicaca, KumariDevi has tirelessly worked to unlock the Earth’s sacred energies.

Now, for upcoming Egypt 2023 trip, we embark on a remarkable endeavor to infuse Infinite Love along the ancient Nile. As love resonates throughout the universe, its transformative power permeates deep into you, nurturing your spiritual growth and connection with the cosmos. Together, we open portals for the ascension of Earth, as we explore the sacred landscapes of Egypt, 

"There’s no other way to experience Egypt than with KumariDevi. Being in her energy is inspiring and life-changing.” ~Iaysha S., Artist, Tunbridge Wells, UK

The great pyramid serves as a portal between human civilization and Divine beings, as boundaries dissolve, integration takes place, and you become attuned to higher light frequencies. Egypt is a magical place, and you’ll experience aha moments throughout the Spiritual Tour.

 Group Tour Highlights:

  • Meditate with private time in the Great Pyramid
  • Sail the Nile in a traditional Felucca
  • Explore Karnack, Dendara, Abydos, and Luxor Temples
  • Valley of the Kings and Queens
  • Lunch at traditional Egyptian restaurants
  • Retail therapy at unique marketplaces
  • Camel rides to the pyramids
  • Mindful meditations, yoga, sound healing, and inner work connecting body, mind, and soul
  • Five Star hotels with breakfast and dinner included

Join Hathor Love Tour to Egypt September 17-29, 2023.

*Only a few spaces open. Deposits of $700.00 are due today. Tour cost $3990.00 + airfare.

It’s a group spiriutal tour means you can’t travel along away from the group. Additional questions contact admin@kumarainstitute.com.


“I loved Egypt with KumariDevi! I would travel anywhere with her. I am so grateful for all the group work and meditations, especially in the great pyramid.” Anne S., Healer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Expand Your Consciousness and Open Your Heart



An experienced retreat leader for over twenty-six years, leading life-changing spiritual and meditation retreats worldwide. Bodhisattva and Master Healer, KumariDevi embodies Presence, 6D loving energy that opens hearts.

Highly intuitive and an expert at reading energy, KumariDevi travels with the group. Famed for her ability to transcend ordinary limits of consciousness, KumariDevi releases long-held beliefs and creates space for profound healing and self-realization.

“I would travel anywhere with KumariDevi. It is a gift to be in her presence. The love and acceptance she offered helped me experience higher levels of awareness in myself. Even in the uncomfortable moments, there were opportunities to learn and grow. The love and support each person brought to the trip made the daily experiences so much more than I could have ever imagined.” ~Deb S., Logistic Specialist, ABQ

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