Healing Grief & Trauma Through Singing & Mantra

  • Thursday, July 28, 2022 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Healing Grief & Trauma Through Singing & Mantra
Blessed new moon. In these transformational times, life is asking so many of us to go through such deep healing of sadness, grief and trauma work. So much of this is associated with the 5th chakra and expression:
  • Speaking our truth 
  • Moving emotions, especially through singing
  • Tapping into our authenticity 
I have found that so much transformation, relief and freedom for myself and my clients is coming through the voice and mantra practice. I personally chant daily because it helps me elevate my mind and process my emotions. 
I’ve also had countless fans tell me how my music has helped them through their sadness, grief and trauma. People who have dealt with death, serious illness, and heart break have all benefited. Why?
The voice, particularly singing, is arguably the most healing tool we have. 
Yet so many of us are blocked, shut down, scared, judgmental and/or hyper critical of our voices.   
If you would like some support and be empowered in this area, please join me today at 6pm PST as I offer a free webinar on “Healing the Heart Through Singing & Mantra.” 
In this webinar you’ll receive: 
  • Potent techniques to help you heal and elevate your emotional state.
  • Practices to open, free and enhance your voice.
  • Wisdom and understanding of mantra and why these vibrations are so potent for healing.
We’ll focus on the healing mantra Rā Mā Dā Sā Sā Sāy So Hung and the seed mantra for the 5th chakra, Hām.  
If you can’t make it, you can sign up and watch the replay at your convenience. The healing is timeless after all. 😉 
Let’s use the energies of this new moon, mantra and our voices to empower ourselves.
Register right away! 
Special offer…
Some of you may want more support than just this webinar. I wanted to offer a special discount for some of my services as a thank you for being part of my list and showing up.
For just $154, you will receive:
  • A 30 minute one on one private session with me on voice, mantra coaching or simply some emotional support ($198 value)
  • Access to my online course, Free Your Voice or Kirtan Fundamentals ($198 value)
If you’re in need of support or would like to dive deeper with your voice and/or mantra, I hope you will take adavantage of this wonderful offer.
Sign up right away and let’s heal, be free and express yourself!

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