Honey of the Heart Streaming Concert via RelaxPansion Unlimied

  • Saturday, April 18, 2020
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Streaming Live, Everywhere, OR
Honey of the Heart House Concert at The RelaxMansion in Ashland
Lloyd Barde Productions & Relaxpansion Fest Presents:
Honey of the Heart: House Concert in the The RelaxPansion Streaming Series Saturday April 18, 7:00 pm is when the music begins, ending at at 9:00 pm pacific daylight time, Honey of the Heart! Please RSVP:  lloyd@well.com $11-$21 donation requested. We are so excited to host Honey of the Heart to open the streaming space & clear the path for RelaxPansion Fest 2020 June 19-21.  Get tickets online and we’ll email you the link! (https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/relaxpansion-fest-2020-inspiration-come-unity-inclusivity)
   "Justin Ancheta and Maren Metke, known as Honey of the Heart, have musical nectar flowing through their veins. The dynamic Grass Valley duo are the driving force behind a project that is even sweeter than it sounds. Honey of the Heart is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by folk, soul, roots and world/flamenco styles. Built upon a repertoire of uplifting original material, they join together with other phenomenal musicians to create in an organic state of symbiosis. Listen and watch here and here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4N1iUsPUvk
    Many of their songs come forth like ancient incantations, casting angelic spells on all in their path. Honey of the Heart weaves soaring harmonies and hypnotic polyrhythms into an alchemical semblance of groove intended for dancing, rejoicing and blissful recalibration. Let’s join them in celebrating the impending release of their debut studio album and the beginning of a pivotal year ahead."
    We are totally excited to present Honey of the Heart in anticipation of their appearance at RelaxPansion Fest 2020 June 19-21 at Jackson WellSprings
send email to lloyd@well.com for address or to RSVP or Call: 541.488.8282
          www.honeyoftheheart.com                 www.relaxpansionfest.com

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