"Valley Tribal Revival" House Concert: Sasha Rose and David Kai! (Outdoors)

  • Friday, May 14, 2021
  • 7:30pm - 9:45pm
  • The RelaxMansion, Ashland, Oregon
Intimate Acoustic Evening Concert (Outdoors)

What a lovely, intimate House Concert we have dreamed up for you! Outdoors … It’s a "Valley Tribal Revival" …   Sasha Rose will share vocal harmonies, songwriting and percussion with her spacious, original songs.  In addition, David Kai brings his decade plus of original, deeply expressed original songs .. & they’ll join forces as well!  IF TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT here, try Music Coop downtown Ashland (until 5 pm while they last…!). Tickets at the door for $25 – pls msg to RSVP & get directions: 415.847.1144  We don’t want you to miss out on this epic duo (& SPECIAL Guests…)

Sasha Rose is a multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter, musician DJ and producer.  Born into a musical family, she started learning to play musical instruments at age 4, and began writing songs at age 12.  She got her first taste of international stardom at age 10 while touring Europe as a member of a children’s chamber choir.  From age 16, she began an extensive professional solo touring career, which has taken her through the U.S, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, South America, and Europe, and began performing under the name Sasha Butterfly at age 15.  She performs acoustic shows on guitar, piano, african djembe, and fuses some simple looping and electronic elements.  She has released two solo acoustic albums as Sasha Butterfly, Grace in 2001, and Creation song in 2004.

Over an extensive touring career as an acoustic artist, Sasha has gained devoted fans throughout the mainland US, Hawaii, Europe, Australia and Canada.  She has been featured at many festivals including Ray of Light Solstice Celebration, Harmony Festival, Symbiosis, Faerieworlds, Beloved Festival, Emerge-n-see festival, Enchanted Forest,  all 15 years at Earthdance’s N.California Hub Event and many others.

Sasha now performs electronic and acoustic shows under her given name Sasha Rose and brings aspects of her acoustic roots into all her current projects, and is currently working on her long awaited acoustic follow-up to Creation Song, as well as combining electronic and acoustic elements with her project Liberation Movement.

She has performed as a member of many live acts including Liberation Movement, Freedom Tribe, Prezident Brown, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Tina Malia, Hamsalila, Goddess Alchemy Project, the Funginears, Shimshai, Signal Path, Sasha Butterfly Band, Everyone Orchestra, Blane Lyon and the Real, Jah Levi.  In 2009 she performed in a choir backing Joan Baez.

She has recorded vocals on over 30 albums including two Random Rab albums, Most of Tina Malia, Shimshai, Blane Lyon and Jah Levi’s albums, Tea Leaf Green’s 2008 album Raise Up the Tent, Mimosa’s 2009 album Hostilis, and many more.  In 2011 she co-produced Qi Goddess (with Jami Deva), which is geared towards healing and meditation.

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California native, David Kai was raised with song, sunshine and saltwater in his veins. He was introduced to music at a young age by his Grandfather who was a very talented musician. As a youth, David’s first love of music began when he heard the drums. For many years, he played the drums in every genre from Punk to Jazz, while expressing himself through his passion for skateboarding and chasing waves. His evolution as an artist began with his desire to play the guitar and write music. He began singing and writing his own songs by the time he entered college. To this day you can hear the roots & rhythm of his years on the drums in his percussive style of guitar playing. 

Like many college students, David desired more freedom in his life. So, he withdrew from school, sold his drum set, left his job at the local music store and set sail for the world. Fully equipped with a free spirit, a guitar and backpack, he took to the school of the road. He hitchhiked across the U.S., writing songs, meeting people and paving his own path. Finally, he landed in Hawaii on the Big Island, where he called home for many years. 

Through his journeys, David has been blessed to connect with native tribal elders from both North and South America. These elders continue to share their teachings and songs through ceremonial ways and have taught him a way of life. These native teachings, along with his Christian upbringing, have had a profound influence on David and his music. It has allowed him to open the hearts of his audience with a deeper love & understanding. His message is universal and he draws no lines of separation by labeling his music as anything other than from the heart.

David now lives in the hills of Southern Oregon and continues to spend much of his time traveling, writing songs, seeking ocean swells and sharing the spirit of his music. 

David Kai released his first album titled "In This Moment" in 2010 & his latest album, "AWAKE," was released in 2014 

This outdoor show will have limited seating due to guidelines in place. Spacious lawn areas allow for social distancing in pods.
Get your tickets soon! See you there!!!

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