Manifest Success

  • Saturday, February 20, 2021
  • 6:30am
Manifest Success


A virtual live mystic process led by Sri Preethaji and

A Powerful Deeksha and privileged interaction with Sri Krishnaji

This never-before ‘Manifest Success’ is a 3 ½ hours on-line mystic process specially designed for the young people of the world.

In the Success Manifest, Sri Preethaji will awaken you to your inner power and hidden potential of your brain. Through the powerful insights and mystical processes you will be set on a path to create impactful success.

In the success Manifest, Sri Krishnaji will give you a powerful Deeksha that will awaken brain centers that accelerate learning and memory retention. This Deeksha will be a special blessing from Sri Krishnaji for your academic success.

The Success Manifest will help you to:

  • Orient your life with insights into success and happiness.
  • Create meaningful success with deep passion and love.
  • Connect with the universal intelligence to manifest success.

If you are someone who is seeking success in your academics or career, Manifest Success is for you.


Exclusively created for the youth of the world

Age: 12 to 35 years

Date: 20th February 2021

Time: 5pm to 8.30pm IST


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