Mary Magdalene: The Divine Feminine Healing Circle

  • Saturday, May 13, 2023
  • 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Elfin Forest, San Diego, CA
Mary Magdalene: The Divine Feminine Healing Circle


This one-day special program will celebrate the Divine Feminine and the spiritual mastery of Mary Magdalene.


Adora will lead the group in sacred alchemical journeys to awaken and activate a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine within you.


You are the keepers of sacred magic, the template of the divine feminine, protector of the Holy Grail, the goddess, the Holy of Holies. She is known by many, many names, including Mary Magdalene. 


Keepers of the sacred flame, you are being called to come together in community to be held, seen, to heal your wounds, our wounds of separation, of struggle, and profound forgetting. 


Together we will awaken, shift, heal, and evolve, stepping forward with our unique light, truth, and expression of the divine and physical form. As we heal one and awaken, we heal the many lifting, the planetary vibration and the collective consciousness. 


Together, we will unite all the aspects of her beauty, wisdom, power, and grace, and we will RISE as one, shining in our greatest love. 

Space is limited for this small intimate group. To reserve your place in the circle today please click here to register.

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