Mindful Abundance Retreat Series

  • Saturday, May 2, 2020 - Saturday, May 30, 2020
  • Mindful Living Group, Kihei, HI
Mindful Abundance Retreat Series

Mindful Abundance Retreat Series


4 weeks to a path of Prosperity

As part of this retreat journey YOU will:

  • Learn how to BREAK THROUGH financial blocks & barriers
  • REDEFINE what wealth means to you
  • Create a LIFESTYLE with intention & PURPOSE
  • Experience Alignment practices to ATTRACT ABUNDANCE
  • learn PRACTICAL Financial Planning Tools & TIPS
  • Learn about the Chakras and how they relate to attracting financial abundance
  • Experience Yoga & Meditation practices that are designed to align then attract prosperity
  • Connect with Like-Minded COMMUNITY
  • AND so much MORE!

This Retreat is ideal if YOU:

  • Feel there are some blocks and barriers in your financial flow
  • Believe attracting abundance is possible
  • Are willing to face some fears that may be holding you back
  • Desire to create a more meaningful future
  • Are willing to take action towards creating change in your finances
  • Are disciplined in at least one area of your life
  • Understand the importance of self-care & INVESTING in YOU


4 half-day retreats @ Mindful Living Group only $295 for all 4 days!

March 7th: 9-10:15am Yoga & Meditation 10:30-12:30 Sessions 1 & 2

March 14th: 9-10:15am Yoga & Meditation 10:30-12:30 Sessions 3 & 4

March 28th: 9-10:15am Yoga & Meditation 10:30-12:30 Sessions 5 & 6

April 4th: 9-10:15am Yoga 10:30-12:30 Sessions 7 & 8

Retreat includes light refreshments, water, coffee and tea. Please bring a yoga mat and/or zafu cushion for meditation if you have one. Yoga mats and pillows to sit on are available as well. Yoga will take place outside on the lawn towards the back of the building. The Retreat workshop will occur at Mindful Living Group in Park Plaza of the Research and Technology Park at: 1300 N. Holopono St., Ste 108, Kihei, HI 96753. Please email jessbrazil@mindfullivinggroup.org or lisbeth.arcienega@gmail.com with questions or call (808) 206-9371.

About the Retreat Leaders:

Jessica Brazil, LCSW, RYT

Jessica U’ilani Brazil (Mantra Preet Kaur), LCSW, RYT completed her teaching certification and blessing with the International Kundalini Research Institute studying with leading Sikh Gurus who traveled and learned from Yogi Bhajan. It is Jessica’s pure purpose of existance to bring more love and healing into the world. Jessica has been on the seekers journey and path of service throughout her lifespan landing her in a career as a social worker over the past 17 years and as a spiritual teacher in more recent years. In 2016, she authored the 100 Mindful Days project and founded the Mindful Living Group where she leads a team of health and wellness practitioners as they work with people towards living a life well and in the aloha spirit. 

Lis Arcienega, MS

Lis Arcienega is a lifelong meditator (18 years of meditation and mindfulness) and an independent financial strategist. She strives to help individuals and families attain a better quality of life by establishing a healthy balance & support around spiritual pursuits & personal finances. Lis regularly facilitates educational talks that promote financial literacy & personal growth in our communities.

Lis holds a Master’s degree from Hunter College in New York City. Besides English, she speaks Spanish & Russian. She resides on Maui. 

This Retreat & Training program is brought to you by Mindful Living Group. If you have any questions, please contact: jessbrazil@mindfullivinggroup.org. Mahalo.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within, guide your way on. Sat Nam. Namaste.

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