One-Day Seminar with Neale Donald Walsch

  • Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
One-Day Seminar with Neale Donald Walsch

DON’T MISS NEALE DONALD WALSCH IN MONTREALOne-Day Seminar with bestselling author of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD An event that will transform you! – Deepak ChopraAt a time when we so need hope, Neale shows us where to find it. – Marianne WilliamsonNeale Donald Walsch is someone whose books have changed the lives of countless people all over the world. – Eckhart Tolle
The Essential Path: Making the Daring Decision to Be Who You Truly Are Our modern era is plagued by increasing alienation―we are seeing an “us against them” world. Everywhere we turn, we find ourselves divided from each other as never before across political, economic, social, and spiritual lines. As humanity is being torn apart right before our eyes―separating many of us from our friends and even our loved ones, from our hopes and dreams, from the natural world, and from so much that gives meaning and value to our lives―people are blaming everyone and everything around them for the collective problems that we have created ourselves. We are turning against each other, rather than to each other, just when we need each other the most.Deep inside you know Who You Truly Are. We all do. It’s not a question of discovering it, it’s a question of claiming it. Being it. And that’s actually easier done than said. We’re all just one decision away from The Essential Path. It’s a path that could change a world that deeply yearns for a new direction.” ― Neale Donald Walsch, author, The Essential Path (2019)
NEALE DONALD WALSCH is the author of the ‘Conversation with God’ Series: ‘Conversations With God (books 1–4)’. These books are said to have redefined the concept of God and shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe. He was on a spiritual and religious quest since his childhood and was known for wisdom that was beyond his years and curiosity that nobody was able to satiate. He went through a turmoil in life and in his restless quest one day he posed a question to god on a piece of paper, writing ‘What does it take to make life work?’. This question started a journey for him that the spiritual world today benefits from. It is said that the god conversed back to him in a soft and kind voice and dictated him answers to his questions, the questions that represent the existential crisis of a modern man. This conversation that went on for weeks led to the publishing of 33 books, which were later translated into 37 languages for the world to profit from it. 
Do not miss this unique day of inner growth with one of the great spiritual leaders of our time.
* Traduction en français disponible sur place.RESERVE NOW, THERE’S LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS!INFORMATION : 514 425-4725 ou Présented by The Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF-IIIHS) in collaboration with Réseau Vox Populi.

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