Paul of Venus Mt Shasta Twin Flame Activation

  • Saturday, February 13, 2021
  • 2:00pm
Paul of Venus Mt Shasta Twin Flame Activation

Join me ( in person ) on Mt Shasta. As we connect to the Venusian ruby rose ray of twin flame energy. We will be going to a sacred vortex connecting us to twin flame energy on Mt Shasta.

We will begin at 11 am and end about 3:30 .


Or you can 

JOIN me via ( live broadcast ) via zoom starting at 2 pm 

ending about 3ish as we follow the energy.



Receive twin flame heart Activation

Attract your twin flame with a Venusian code of light

Connect to pure love frequency

Walk in 5D

Remember who you are

Activate your current relationship

Twin flame eternal love

As we create the New Earth Together.


Venusian Sound bath provided by my twin flame Jennifer of Venus


I will send each of you meeting place and what to bring once you register.


Paul of Venus


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