Prana Ft. Karavan Sarai

  • Saturday, March 23, 2024
  • 6:30pm
  • Tammy's Edge Salon / Collective Frequency Healing space, Albuquerque, NM
Prana Ft. Karavan Sarai

Sacred Soma Presents, 

Prana Featuring Karavan Sarai 

Please join Sacred Soma facilitators as we gather to honor the sacred transition of the Spring Equinox. Join us for an evening of deep connection, reflection, and celebration as we harmonize with the rhythms of nature and welcome the balance between light and dark. As we gather on this sacred occasion of the Spring Equinox, we are presented with a unique opportunity to plant seeds of intention for the coming season. Just as nature prepares for the cycle of rebirth and renewal, so too can we cultivate the soil of our consciousness to sow the seeds of our deepest desires and aspirations. We will be prepparing and tending our inner "soil" with a short Qi Gong flow. We will then journey into breathwork where we will dig deep into the depths of our being to create space for our seedlings (intentions) and new beginnings to grow. Next will will plant the seeds of intetion as we gather in circle for a sacred cacao ceremony. We will allow the sacred waters from this elixir to water our seeds and open our hearts. And lastly we will enjoy an evening dancing and weaving our intetions with Karavan Sarai. Allow his mystical middle eastern inspired beats to amplify the vision and bring a sense of deep inner bliss, clarity, and connection.

Flow of Ceremony

6:00pm- Doors open/ Smudging

6:30pm- Opening Ceremony

6:40pm- Qi Gong inspired movement

7:10pm-Breathwork with Kenny 

7:40pm- Cacao Blessings with Leela

8:00pm Live performance by Karavan Sarai/ Ecstatic Dance

10:00pm Sound closing with Jonathan and Kristen 

What to Bring:

A yoga mat, comfy clothes you can move easily in, water bottle, your intention for the evening and your ecstatic vibes to share!


About Karavan Sarai :

Middle Eastern to Indian music meets lush electronics.

Discover a timeless flow of inspiration.

Karavan Sarai is a modern-ancient bridge fusing global melodies from the Silk Road with our own unique compositions . Our soundscapes travel from Arabia to India and the Balkans to Persia. Our World Fusion renders the electronics of now with ancient artistry. Listen and you’ll hear the echoes of old world footsteps in our melodies.

We forge ahead where tracks end.

About Kenny and Leela:

Discovering the depth of the self can liberate us from everything and truly set us free to create the life and being that we wish to become. This is the intention of Ken and Leela’s life work. As a team, the priority in their world is practicing the art of self mastery and then sharing the new found skill sets they attain with their beloved community. Their vision of making everything a conscious process brings an atmosphere of both deep relaxation and laser sharp involvement into their sessions. With over 12 years of experience in their work of flotation therapy, yoga, dance, breathwork, conscious diet, medicine journey’s and exercise, they aim to share their understanding of healing the mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy system. They feel that it is essential to balance and heal all aspects of one’s being in order to maximize the depth of one’s life experience. As a mother and father of two they hold their children and the youth as their greatest teachers and aim to bring a deep sense of playfulness with them in everything that they do. A life of blissfulness and joy is waiting to be discovered within each being on our planet. Ken and Leela are here to offer their blessings to move us into the highest vision of what is possible.

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