Rafe Pearlman : KANU : Live in Seattle : Sept.27th

  • Wednesday, September 27, 2023
  • 7:30pm
  • Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA
Rafe Pearlman : KANU : Live in Seattle : Sept.27th


“KANU is a story based on my life travels in the Alaskan wilderness and the greater life journey that took me around this planet…it’s a piece of the song of life that is singing us….and is yearning for us to sing along…”

the KANU project
Co-created and directed by Jake Perrine

Drawing from Rafe Pearlman’s experiences growing up in the Alaskan wilderness, KANU is an immersive multidisciplinary performance. Featuring Pearlman’s lush and dynamic vocals, in collaboration with world class guest musicians, KANU takes you on a journey into a wild and interactive landscape of song, soundscapes, visual installations and storytelling.

Join Rafe Pearlman in KANU—an immersive, interactive journey through the Alaskan wilderness via song, soundscapes, visual installations and storytelling. Drawing on Pearlman’s own experiences growing up in the remote Alaskan interior, the KANU project is guided by Pearlman’s lush and dynamic vocals in collaboration with world class guest musicians.

KANU’s mission is to connect audiences to the love and awe of nature in the hope it inspire others be in communication with our most precious resource…the planet itself. Living in the wilderness, death is always present; KANU honors this dance of light and darkness, death and rebirth.

KANU travels from the wilderness into the spaces in between the worlds…landing home on Orcas Island where the story is now shared.

Dynamic, otherworldly, supernatural, intimate, triumphant, tragic, epic and innately simply human, this is an invitation to join together in adventure and exploration.



Rafe Pearlman started his singing career with the wolves, ravens and sled dogs of the Alaskan wilderness. The wild nature of his exploratory singing has led to performances spanning the globe, from India, Hong Kong, Israel and Germany, to Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Mexico and all across the United States.

Rafe’s intention with his music is to inspire a vision of a world in harmony and unity, celebrating diversity, sustainability, and equality for all beings. Sometimes a simple song is all it takes to open a connection. 

He is a performer, composer and creative vocal coach.

Highlights of his many years of music making include performances at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (USA),  America’s Got Talent (USA), Festival Internaciona (Mexico), Lightning in a Bottle (USA), Burning Man (USA), and Shantipi (Israel).

Collaboration is central to Rafe’s creative process and he’s had the opportunity to work with some amazing performers and composers over the years including William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, touring with the world’s largest stringed instrument. Rafe was accompanied by a full orchestra, working with one of Hollywood’s top soundtrack composers, Tyler Bates, at the festival of film composers, “MOSMA,”  in Malaga Spain. 

Rafe’s voice is featured on soundtracks for Netflix, Direct-TV,  NBC and Thunder Road Films, and on Sony’s top video games. Rafe will be a new voice on the upcoming season of Motherland: Fort Salem, creating vocal spells for the cast of characters.

Rafe recently was awarded an artist residency at the Orcas Center Theater to create a new evening length show inspired by his childhood in Alaska featuring his music and visual art, entitled “KANU”

"Rafe Pearlman makes meaning as well as music and enfolds an array of traditions in his work which can only be described as timeless and unique. He has a voice that is as full and open as the sky. A heart that is vast and defenseless and a talent that is beyond beautiful.”  – John McLean, Pastor, Nashville

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