• Friday, November 10, 2023
  • 7:00pm
  • Tammy's Edge Salon / Collective Frequency Healing space, Albuquerque, NM

Join Sacred Soma’s conscious cannabis circle guided by medicine facilitators Leela, Kenny, and Hanna. Accompanied by sound healers Adonai and Kaylee. In this circle, we will journey together with the medicine of cannabis through breathwork and movement, meditation, and sound journeying. Reverence is a series speaking to the intention of communing with these sacraments with purpose and ceremony. Santa Maria, the sacred name for marijuana, is a beautiful ally and teacher when given the space to be such. So adorn yourself with what makes you feel reverent, what makes you feel divine, and come sit at the foot of this beautiful teacher with your community. Together, we will explore how this plant teaches us to relax into and embody our Higher Self. See you in circle dear family

♥️ In honor of the Sacred, ♥️ Sacred Soma


**A note, at Sacred Soma (Soul), we believe the highest truth is neutrality, that everything is sacred and reverent in the eye of the All That Is. We honor and respect all walks of life and choices, and so we don’t condemn casual use – in fact, that was a big part of the journey for most of us. This is simply a space that offers a different experience than what most have been shown, and with an emphasis on the community aspect, which carries a lot of the medicine itself.

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