Snatam Kaur Sacred Sound Workshop in Montreal

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019
  • 1:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Hôtel Montréal Métropolitain, Montréal, QC
Snatam Kaur Sacred Sound Workshop in Montreal

Activating the Magnetic Frequency of the Heart Center with Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Sound
Thoughts often rule the day and this leads to confusion. In this workshop, we will shift our attention back to the heart center and activate its magnetic frequency so that we can live from the heart. We will begin with  powerful Kundalini yoga; combining breath, movement, posture and meditation, to open the energy systems of the body and release emotional energy. From this place of opening, we will chant mantras from the Kundalini yoga and Sikh tradition specifically designed to awaken and support heart energy.  
All levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing in which to practice yoga, a yoga mat, a journal, and a water bottle. Please bring a head covering that covers the top of the head. This workshop will be taught by Snatam Kaur with live music from Grecco Buratto, Sukhmani Rayat and Ram Dass Khalsa

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