The Enneagram and Relationships Workshop

  • Sunday, April 5, 2020
  • 9:30am - 6:00pm
  • The Life Centered Therapy Institute, Waltham, MA
The Enneagram and Relationships Workshop

The Enneagram and Relationships Workshop

A Road to Better Relationships

You’ve been yearning for more satisfying relationships in life…

Are you feeling misunderstood in your relationships? Like you never really get your needs met and are stuck in the same old unsatisfying patterns?

Then look no further. We can help you create fulfilling relationships no matter how blocked you are.

Whether it’s with your friends, family, kids, or significant other…

What if you could understand them from the inside out?

What makes them tick…why they do the things they do that drive you crazy…what their perspective of the world is…

Imagine being able to navigate the daily challenges that arise in relationships intuitively, with confidence and ease….So that your relationships are vibrant, satisfying, engaged, and loving


The Enneagram is the key that you have been searching for.

In this workshop, discover the Enneagram; a simple and powerful model that reveals the nine core lenses through which people see the world, the three centers of perception – the head, thinking, the heart, feeling and the belly, sensing and the three deepest instinctual drives– to connect, to belong and to be secure.

By developing our awareness of our own and others’ lenses, we will be better able to understand how misunderstandings in relationships occur and ways to keep them from happening. You’ll be happy you came!

Join us to…

Discover your own and others’ motivations in relationships
Build empathy and compassion for yourself and others
Learn how to create deeper intimacy and connection with others
Create harmonious and fulfilling relationships

Get your ticket to better relationships and a morefulfilling life!

What people are saying about our workshop

“Beyond the deep understanding and nuancing of the Types and their dilemmas, Andy evokes a refined compassion in his audience for the dilemmas that others face. It allows and invites people to work very deeply.” Helen Palmer, Author of The Enneagram 

“The Enneagram Personality System is a powerful lens for helping us as coaches to understand our own current way of being – including our assumptions, hidden agendas, reactivity and resistances – and to support our growth to greater authenticity and impact. At the same time, the Enneagram is also an exceptionally rich and sophisticated tool to use with our clients, to help them to understand the effects and limitations of their current ways of thinking, communicating and acting and to define practices to assist them to access their fullest potentials. 

Dr. Andrew Hahn stands out among the exceptional Enneagram teachers with whom I have studied. He has not only a deep grasp of the Enneagram’s insights for transformation at all levels, but also the ability to elicit and teach these insights through working experientially with his students on their own challenges and opportunities. In fact, it was for these reasons that I convened a workshop for colleagues in my network of professional coaches; I was not the least surprised to find that they left the workshop highly appreciative of the profound way that Andy presented the emotional, spiritual and energetic patterns of the Enneagram and worked with everyone individually to support their personal and professional growth.” Jane Lindsay, M.S.O.D., Professional Coach and OD Consultant, Ottawa, Canada

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