The Love Frequency: Alchemy for Sacred Connection

  • Friday, July 21, 2023 - Sunday, July 23, 2023
  • Bend of Ivy Lodge, Marshall, NC
The Love Frequency Immersion

“The Love Frequency invites you to come into a deeper state of heart-centered living where your heart becomes your true North, your source of creation and liberation, and a commanding presence of leadership in your life.” – Adora Winquist, Modern Alchemist & Founder of The Soul Institute

Hi, I’m Adora, the creator of The Love Frequency. Like many, I’ve walked a path where I faced negative emotions, disappointment, and self-doubt. I understand how it feels to be stuck, overwhelmed, confused, and in lack.

I rarely felt free to be my true self. I could not hear my inner voice. I was unsure of my true purpose in life. But somewhere within me I knew that there was a different way. A sense that there was something more. Can you relate?

Are You Ready to Feel Fully Free and Embrace Your True Self?

When was the last time you felt fully free?

Maybe you have had moments where you felt free enough to let your heart open, letting your inner light shine and allowing you to embrace that ‘natural state of elation’ that comes when you know you’re in the right place at the right time. For most, however, those moments are often fleeting.

I used to glimpse those moments sporadically, that clarity and feeling of goodness, openness and receptivity. Thankfully, now, through decades of soul work, they have become my way of being. I hope you will come to this retreat where I can guide you to bring that freedom into your life, too.

Join me and other like-hearted people to do this work together. We will support each other to discover the transformative power of The Love Frequency, where you will embark on a soul-nurturing journey to embrace your true self, experience joyous liberation, and awaken to a thriving life. Your Path to Self-Mastery Starts Here

Connect with nature in a whole new way. Discover the elevated life of a modern alchemist.

Nature, the earth, all of creation, is our greatest teacher. Mother earth transmits profound wisdom that you won’t find in history books, medical journals, news articles, or the rabbit hole of social media.

Our modern construct of society has effectively disconnected us from the true source of abundance that the earth has to offer, leaving us grasping for more in every facet of life. Going back to the basics of all of life: water, earth, fire, air, spirit, brings us home to the life of co-creation we were born to live.

When we live in communion with the earth, not only do our physical lives become more conscious and sustainable, but so do our emotional and spiritual lives.

The Love Frequency Retreat is not just an event—it’s a transformative journey toward self-mastery. You will be immersed in the alchemy of the 5 elements air, fire, water, earth and akasha to accelerate your ability to embody The Love Frequency.

Through guided practices such as transmission meditation, fire ceremony, consecration immersions, and labyrinth walks, you will tap into the depths of your being, activate your intentions, and anchor your new patterns of self-mastery into the earth.

Your experiences will include: 

  • Somatic healing and sound frequency meditation to ignite inspiration and unify mind with heart and body 
  • Fire ceremony to transmute past patterns and activate your intention for soul level alignment  
  • Consecration immersion of water in the Bend of Ivy river to bless and open to a greater expression of your authentic self. 
  • A labyrinth walk to return to your center and anchor your new desired pattern of self mastery into the earth  
  • Transmission meditation to harness your unique alchemical formula and align with the highest inspiration of your mind, heart and soul

Your love can heal, transform and create everything you authentically desire. What is Modern Alchemy?

Traditional alchemy is considered to focus on transmuting base metals to gold. But true alchemy is actually the journey of the spiritual seeker.

When I first began exploring plant medicine, I was introduced to the concept of synergy, where the sum of the parts or ingredients are more effective than the singular aspect or isolate. This concept has evolved from my perspective and practice over the last 30 years as a healer, teacher and author in the field of complementary medicine.

Modern Alchemy is the hero’s and heroine’s journey to Know Thyself and in that journey to transform the places of limitation, pain and suffering from our soul to our cells into life affirming, creation expressions of thriving. That is our true birthright.

It is a synergy of 4 pillars that anchor the universal truth and the creative potential of the universe: esoteric philosophy, psycho-spiritual dynamics, essential oils and vibrational medicine. These core philosophies are then intertwined to form modern interventions for ancient remedies that create greater health and harmony within the mind-body and soul connection and allows us to transmute the patterns of limitation we carry from soul soul to our cells: personal, ancestral and collective to rise beyond the third dimensional reality.

In our collective longing to evolve, we have the desire to open and access the ancient wisdom and divine knowledge within ourselves in manners that are both practical, accessible and yet profound.

The path of a Modern Alchemist transforms you from a spiritual seeker to a sacred leader of your most authentic and abundant life.

  • Awakening
  • Activation
  • Integration
  • Service

As a modern alchemist, when you connect with the infinite nature of love held with you, the potent alchemy of the natural world, you become the change you wish to see in the world. This Love Frequency Retreat is your first step on your path as a modern alchemist.

Are you a Modern Alchemist?Traits of a modern alchemist include: 

  • realizing there is more to life than meets the eye, and the matrix  
  • understanding you are a co-creator in your reality, and a vast spiritual being that has chosen life in physical form.  
  • knowing you are multidimensional in nature

You have a gift and light within you that can change the world, first by healing yourself.

You are capable of creating so much more in the course of your life than you are taught and led to believe.

You are being called back into connection and harmony with the Earth, yourself and each other.

You are invited to remember that there are alternative ways to source great balance, wellbeing and vitality in your lives.

What is The Love Frequency™?

The Love Frequency is a spiritual accelerator for the modern alchemist. Being in this frequency guides us to remember that the greatest power within us is held within our hearts.

The Love Frequency draws us inward, to the journey of the sacred human heart, the source of all creation, to remind us that WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

What is The Love Frequency™ Retreat?

The Love Frequency Retreat is a three day immersion in the alchemy of nature, rare aromatics and crystal medicine, transmission meditations and rituals to draw you deeper into the sacred light and wisdom held within you as a modern alchemist.

Adora will guide and support you through this experiential journey that activates the greater strength, inspiration and empowerment you are ready to rise and bring forth.

What awaits you at The Love Frequency™ Retreat?  

  • Rest and Revitalize: Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature and find solace in a community of like-minded souls. 
  • Liberate Your Mind, Heart, and Soul: Release past limitations and create a life of abundance, harmony, and fulfillment. 
  • Access Ancient Wisdom: Discover the infinite power and unique gifts within your soul, tapping into your true potential. 
  • Ignite Your Passion and Purpose: Align with your true self, uncover your meaningful purpose, and reignite your passion for life.

Is this transformational getaway for you? 

  • Are you eager to release the limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve you? 
  • Are you ready to open your mind, heart, and soul to live life beyond limitations? 
  • Are you seeking a new, elevated relationship dynamic, especially regarding your communication, boundaries, and attachment styles? 
  • Are you committed to taking a personal, inward journey of transformational self-healing to manifest the life of your dreams and desires? 
  • Do you enjoy the beauty of nature as a healing force?

Experience the Alchemy of Nature and Sacred Wisdom in the Appalachian Mountains

Located at the beautiful Bend of Ivy Retreat Center, just outside Asheville, North Carolina, this sacred community offers you the space to rest, heal, and reconnect with your true essence. Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature, rare aromatics, crystal medicine, and ancient wisdom that reside within you.

The Bend of Ivy Retreat Center is a beautiful eco sanctuary nestled on 63 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachians, near Asheville, NC. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit in this quiet, secluded space that is infused with the magic of nature, nurture and energy. Come and experience the restful zen gardens, the shimmering ponds, beautiful views, and friendly goats.

Enjoy locally-sourced organic cuisine and herbal teas. Unwind in the seclusion of the surrounding hillsides and experience the atmosphere of deep healing and sacred tranquility.

Registration Options:

Full Retreat Package with Lodging: Discount Code $300 off LOVE300 

  • 2 night stay at the tranquil Bend of Ivy Retreat Center  
  • Free Parking 
  • Organic Meals (7), snacks, and tea  
  • Self-care goody bag

Local Asheville Commuter Retreat Package without Lodging: For more info email 

  • Free Parking 
  • Organic Meals (5), snacks, and tea 
  • Self-care goody bag 

Self-Care Bonus Goody Bag All attendees will receive a curated self care bag with the tool of a modern alchemist, including Adora’s exquisitely crafted essential oil formulas, carefully selected crystals to align the energy of your journey, a lovely journal to capture your reflections, organic herbal tea to nourish your body, and other goodies.


Meet Your Facilitator: Adora Winquist
Alchemical Healing Expert; Founder of The Soul Institute; Author of Detox, Nourish, Activate.

Author and expert in the fields of aromatherapy and vibrational medicine, Adora is a visionary in the dawning arena of Quantum Alchemy, a transformative evolutionary path for self-mastery that facilitates healing at the DNA level. She intertwines the divine knowledge and ancient wisdom of essential oils, esoteric philosophy, psycho-spiritual dynamics, and energy medicine through her 25+ years as a facilitator, educator, formulator, and entrepreneur. Adora lives with her two daughters and her partner in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

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