Vocal Alchemy Sanctuary with Marya Stark

  • Sunday, September 17, 2023
  • 1:00pm
  • Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center, Nevada City, CA
Vocal Alchemy Sanctuary at Inner Path Nevada City

:: Vocal Alchemy Sanctuary ::

This is a space where you will get the chance to:

• Move through layers of fear, discomfort and resistance to singing
• Practice growing more confident in using your voice
• Experience an immersive dedicated to tend to your vessel
• Develop a rhythm for feeding your inspiration
• Receive essential nourishment for keeping your vessel open to creative revelation through the voice
• Get Activated in your Devotion to the Muses with unique vocal practices and group singing

Immerse in the alchemy of singing, writing songs and diving into the creative goldmine of your inner world.
This space is open to everyone. All ages, genders and levels.
Your voice is a gift, and you are meant to know yourself through this special relationship to your sound.
Singing is one of the most powerful ways to connect to all aspects of ourselves.
Everyone has a unique vocal signature, and to share it freely is one of the most liberating feelings in the world!

Come And Let Your magic Out!!!

‘Vocal Alchemy Sanctuary’ Is A 3-hour workshop where you will:

  • Explore your voice + facets of your expression that have been dormant + awaiting your invitation.
  •  Practice methods that support you to experience a more full bodied
    + robust expression in your life, work and relationships.
  • Cultivate methods of Alchemical Play with the Voice for personal ceremony, self-discovery and daily practice.
  • Move through resistance and fears connected to vocal opening in a space with other sonic explorer’s
  • Gain more confidence using your voice.
  • Nourish your relationship with your Vessel.
  • Develop new techniques and insights to incorporate into your creative writing. 
  • Receive guidance in several songwriting exercises
     + expand your skills in song catching.
  • Implement creative methods to explore maps of the inner world.
  • Experience a dedicated space to feed your creative muses. 
  • Reconnect to your Creative Spark.

About Your Guide

My name is Marya (rhymes with Arya) and I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I currently reside in Grass Valley, Ca with my Bae, in our sweet forest home beside a creek. Here in our little valley, we are visited by blue herons, deer, hawks, owls and squirrels, and miners lettuce grows like grass all around the land.

My passions are songwriting, music producing, performing and world building. I love studying the intersection of spirit, story and psyche, and weaving these mystical discoveries through my art. I currently integrate these studies and express my passions primarily through producing albums, visual media and immersive mythic storytelling performance experiences. 
As a part of my bardic vocation, I tend a learning space called Temple Of The Muse, where I offer workshops, courses, intimate group journeys and trainings. These offerings are the integration of nearly two decades of practice as a Music Therapist, Medical Qigong Therapist, Independent Artist + Transformational Guide. I bring perspectives from intensive studies in Buddhism, Energetic Psychology, the Development of the Psyche, Relational Health and Daoist Energy Cultivation. 

These creative journeys are designed for nourishing the inner muse, developing knowledge of self through creativity and exploring the path of human unfoldment.

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