Who & What are the "Star Beings?"

  • Saturday, February 27, 2021
  • 11:00am
  • Online Event, Via Zoom, CA
Who & What are the "Star Beings?"

Who & What are the "Star Beings?"

And, how will knowing affect my "reality?"

Join us for a Saturday Study with Spirit™ workshop on February 27 and awaken to who you truly are at a soul level. Find out more about you, your soul, the difference between your soul, your spirit, your Merkabah and the physical "reality" you’re living now.

Find out more about the so called "star beings", what role they’re playing and if you choose, how to connect with them.

If you’re been fascinated by ancient wisdom, gnostic mysticism, Sufism, the Kabbala and the Ascended Masters, then join us for a transformative four weeks of live channeling.

NOTE: there is no religious dogma in any of our teachings or channelings so note that this course has nothing to do with religion or an institutional belief system.

Come armed with questions for those from hidden realms beyond this dimension. It is designed for those who are curious about life beyond what science can explain and yearn for a deeper understanding of the Cosmos, quantum realities and worlds, and beyond.

Join us on a wild journey and show up with your toughest questions.

Where Science & Spirituality Meet

Welcome to the bridge between Science and Spirituality. Regardless of your belief system, you’ll find this course fascinating as it is channeled live each week — there’s no religious dogma in anything we do. Renee & Anthony will channel the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters that those across cultures know well. Participants can interact with them, asking their most pressing questions.

The Details

Join us for a Saturday workshop on February 27, 2021 from 11 am to around 2 pm. See schedule below.

Your Study with Spirit™ Teachers

Your teachers for the Study with Spirit™ courses come from both the human plane and other dimensions. As a couple, we act as vessels to collectively bring forth higher dimension ‘beings’ to teach and heal through us.

We tap into those hidden and inner worlds that shamans and spiritual masters so often speak of and innately know – it is in this world of “Spirit” or “Higher Dimensions and Realms” where ancient knowledge and healing takes place, working through the body which merely acts as a vessel for what appears to be transcendent to our human senses.

Call them what you may – guardians, elementals, spirits, ancestors, helpers, or angels, or cosmic forces for good – the combined energies of all show up for both teaching and healing, without religious dogma or structured belief systems.

Our Philosophy

As we emphasized above, there is no religious dogma in any of our work — we support all faiths, beliefs and walks of life. Our mission is to help accelerate global consciousness for those yearning for a deeper exploration of spirituality & to better understand how mindfulness & a spiritual life can transform who we are and everything around us. We embrace & honor all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism or perhaps none of the above & you simply meditate, connect to yoga and have faith in Mother Earth.

If you consider the truth that we are all made up of energy, then it becomes much easier to come to terms with the idea of energy “light beings” existing outside of time, space and the only dimension we are aware of — the one where we exist in our human bodies.

Our hope & intent is that you leave feeling renewed & more awake to your Higher Calling & Purpose. All of us have intuitive gifts as well as the ability to heal — we will help you ignite these treasures from within!

About Renee & Anthony

As healers and channelers, together as a couple, we bring forth the wisdom of a higher consciousness and gnostic teachings from Ascended Masters and beyond to teach and to heal.

We hold Blue Soul Circles™ workshops, and retreats to sacred places around the world as well as teach and channel Study with Spirit™ courses, both on and offline. We also offer an advanced program called Blue Soul MASTERS™ for those who want to dive deeper into their spiritual practice.

Our intent is that you leave feeling renewed & more awake to your Higher Calling & Purpose. And, our hope is that you ignite your Soul’s Purpose while re-integrating activities and rituals in your life you may have left behind, and add new ones that support your deeper calling in order to move past negative patterns that prohibit you from living a joyful live.

Find out more at www.BlueSoulEarth.com and on Instagram @bluesoulearth. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post videos of our channelings every week. You can also book a private session with us here.

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