Yoga + Love: Living Luminously, Not Restlessly

  • Friday, July 5, 2019 - Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR
Yoga + Love: Living Luminously, Not Restlessly
For many of us, yoga has been a conduit for us to experience love, grace, openness, contentment and joy. Yet, too often, we don’t sustain this luminous embodiment  and understanding. This retreat asks: “What gets in the way?” We’ll explore the fundamental obstacles to living as love: human restlessness, out of balance living, mental habits, and conditioning that keeps us tied to our more primitive thinking. At times when our brains were still developing and our minds and hearts were porous and shapable, we developed strategies and patterns for connection, rhythm, and resonance, as well as for protection and preservation. Our protective strategies can become our biggest obstacles. Through psycho-educational discussions, Sarahjoy and Jay will address key elements of our human restlessness. The yoga practices, breathing techniques, and meditations will support us in addressing anxiety, self-critical thinking, and self-care ambivalence. The practices will also guide us to remembering and embodying the love that is our basic nature. They also become our repertoire of skills for the daily life that forgets this love. Join Sarahjoy Marsh and her husband Jay Gregory. Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500, certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. Clear-hearted and sensitive toward those that suffer from addictions – in particular disordered eating patterns and body image issues, and for those living with anxiety, depression, and trauma, Sarahjoy ignites a person’s confidence in themselves as capable of traversing the challenges and joys of awakening from suffering. Through her work with addiction and recovery, as well as her decades of commitment to working with those whose lives have been impacted by marginalization (poverty, prejudice, lack of access to resources such as education, health care, or mental health support), she has created an accessible library of tools that develop the life skills people need to re-create health (both physical and mental); to internalize their sense of worth, belonging, and capacity; and to thrive emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. While fundamentally informed by the teachings of yoga, Sarahjoy also masterfully integrates her training in Western therapy and mental health, interpersonal counseling, neurobiology, reciprocal muscle inhibition, and kinesiology. She has an unwavering belief in people’s innate goodness and their capacity to re-awaken to their potential. Jay Gregory, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with 20 years in couples therapy and anxiety issues, using insight-oriented psychodynamic to help clients transform through reinterpreting emotional and interpersonal processes.  

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