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Multiple #1 Albums – iTunes World Music Charts

“Imagine that the Aurora Borealis could sing: that’s Simrit’s voice. Timeless, Strong, and Ethereal as a whale’s song…” – LA Yoga

For Simrit, singing is not a performance, it is a sacred worship of the Divine. Her voice, her music, and her teaching reflect this devotion which seems to come from her so effortlessly. This devotion is a gift, a talent beyond any, that will lead thousands into the lightness of being and awareness that is so vital to humanity in this day and age.” -SNATAM KAUR

“First of all, I’m such a fan of Simrit. The first time I saw her live I thought – wow she’s kind of punk rock. I don’t know why I thought that, but that’s the element that drew me to explore her music. Her sense of melody, her energy, and her musicality set her apart. Simrit, to me, is the voice of this new day and age.” -BELINDA CARLISLE

Meet the band

Some artists can bring true commitment to age-old meditations, urging everyone from pop stars to theater audiences to fall in love with the words of ancient sages. Some artists have a presence that both engages and soothes, an ear that can hear the resonances that bridge continents and souls.

Vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South, is one of these artists. Drawing on the harmonic beauty and melodic sensibilities of the ancient Byzantine, Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, adding the pulse of the West African drum traditions she studied, and fused with her training in piano and vocals from different traditions, Simrit and her band tease out distinct facets of mystical poetry and the intimate ardors of the spirit. Over the last several years they have created waves with packed theaters and concert halls, chart-topping albums, and raving fans that have powered a palpable musical movement.

Simrit’s unique sound and artistic contributions have led, inspired and pushed the boundaries of world and chant music into new places, throwing off old conventions. Her music and artistry, which has attracted fans such as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s, is known for it’s depth, haunting beauty, edge, and psychedelic atmosphere. She mixes distilled philosophical statements with ethereal and hooky arrangements, turns 16th-century Gurmukhi poetry into hypnotically grooving songs, develops anthemic melodies and feels, and creates epic soundscapes threaded with mantras. Simply, she brings the depth of the sacred and ancient to the modern.

It won’t take very long after the music begins for you to realize that this isn’t your average concert. From the transcendent sounds, the hypnotic groove, world-class musicians, and Simrit’s mesmerizing VOICE…Get ready for lift off!

Tour Dates

23 Oct
Simrit Live in Calgary 2019 Bella Concert Hall
Calgary, AB
26 Oct
SIMRIT Live In Vancouver 2019 The Cathedral
Vancouver, BC
28 Oct
SIMRIT Live in Seattle 2019 Edmonds Center for the Arts
Edmonds, WA
29 Oct
SIMRIT Live In Portland 2019 First Congregational UCC
Portland, OR
30 Oct
SIMRIT Live in Ashland 2019 Rogue Valley Unitarian Center
Ashland, OR
03 Nov
SIMRIT Live In Santa Cruz 2019 Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, CA
08 Nov
SIMRIT Live in San Francisco 2019 Scottish Rite Masonic Center
San Francisco, CA
09 Nov
SIMRIT Live in Los Angeles 2019 Wilshire Ebell Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
10 Nov
SIMRIT Live In Encinitas 2019 Seaside Center
Encinitas, CA
14 Nov
Simrit Live in Santa Fe 2019 Scottish Rite Masonic Center
Santa Fe, NM

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