GuruGanesha: Undying (Official Music Video)

  • June 30, 2021
  • By GuruGanesha Singh
GuruGanesha: Undying (Official Music Video)

GuruGanesha wrestles with questions of life and death in his newest single, Undying. Written and recorded in the midst of the stark fragility of life in a pandemic, this intimate song embraces the attachment to the beauty of life and the deep journey of the soul’s passage beyond. GuruGanesha’s musical style on this song pulls you into the warm spaces of his heart, with his gentle acoustic guitar, rich deep vocals and the sweet sounds of Hans Christian’s cello that feel like they are played on your heartstrings. Evoking Johnny Cash singing over Santana’s guitar, this is a song that you will not only listen to, but feel deep down inside of yourself.

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About the Author

GuruGanesha Singh

There is a thread that runs through GuruGanesha’s music that pulls you towards the raw and beautiful pulse of life. He opens up the warm spaces of his heart, sharing the fragility of life, love and the search for meaning. At 70, he has accessed a new depth to his voice and a more subtle lyricism to his guitar playing. Influenced by the music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, his life of spiritual exploration adds a depth to his songs that transcends genre. GuruGanesha creates music that carries a profound wisdom that only comes with the experience of facing our shadows with love and acceptance.

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