Jack Kornfield — Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus

  • March 16, 2020
  • By Jack Kornfield

“With the spread of coronavirus affecting family, friends and communities across the globe, we need inner practices that help us keep our minds clear and our hearts open. We human beings have always been tested. Generations before us have gone through war, epidemics, economic depression, and famine. We know how to do this: how to steady our hearts and care for one another. This is our task again, now. One of the most helpful practices at such a time is generating compassion. This 13-minute practice is a way to hold yourself and all those around you in a heart of compassion.” — Jack Kornfield

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About the Author

Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk in the monasteries of Thailand, India and Burma. He has taught meditation internationally since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. After graduating from Dartmouth College in Asian Studies in 1967 he joined the Peace Corps and worked on tropical medicine teams in the Mekong River valley. He met and studied as a monk under the Buddhist master Ven. Ajahn Chah, as well as the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. Returning to the United States, Jack co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, with fellow meditation teachers Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein and the Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, California. Over the years, Jack has taught in centers and universities worldwide, led International Buddhist Teacher meetings, and worked with many of the great teachers of our time. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a father, husband and activist.

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